The Suicide Tree

People commit suicide for many reasons. People choose this path as a way to get rid of mental problems or pain. So when it is said that people are forced to commit suicide because of a tree, it sounds quite strange. As strange as it sounds, there is a tree in the world that drives people to commit suicide. 

That's why it is called "suicide tree" or "suicide tree". The scientific name of the tree is Cerbera odollam. However, the tree is known by different names in different regions. For example: In Kerala, India its name is “Othalanga Maram”, in Tamil Nadu its name is “Kattu Ahali”. In Madagascar it is again known as “Famentana”, “Kisopo”, “Samanta” and “Tangena”. In Sri Lanka it is called "Pong-Pong", "Bintaro" or "Nayan". Its name is “Gon Kadru” in Sinhalese. 

This plant grows naturally in South Asia region. usually, It grows well in salt marshes. Hence, this plant is commonly found in coastal salt marshes. This tree is most commonly found in the coastal areas of Kerala in South Asia. However, it has been grown artificially in many countries of the world. The fruit of this herbaceous plant looks a lot like a mango. How does Cerbera odollam force people to commit suicide? actually, Cerbera odollam is a very poisonous plant. The plant has a poisonous sting all over its body. 

The sting contains toxic toxins called "cardenolides" and "cardiac glycosides" that can damage the heart muscle if ingested. As a result irregular heart beat starts. The plant also contains a type of neurotoxin that attacks the human nervous system, causing a sensation of intense pain throughout the body. And this pain can last up to two years. People don't die directly if the sting of this tree hits them. But for a long time, people decide to commit suicide to get rid of the terrible unbearable pain. This is exactly why the tree got its name. So far no effective antidote has been discovered for the poison of this plant. however, Applying hydrochloric acid on the affected area after removing the sting reduces the effect of the poison. Cerbera odollam is not the only plant that causes pain. 

There is also economic importance. Biodiesel can be made from the sap of this plant, which can be used as a fuel instead of diesel. Moreover, it also plays a role in making pesticides to repel insects. Apart from Cerbera odollam there is another type of suicide tree in the world. Tachigali versicolor, however, is called the suicide tree for another reason. Cerbera odollam flowers only once in a lifetime. And soon after flowering, the plant dies of itself. Hence calling it Suicide Tree is a win. however, A poisonous and painful plant like Cerbera odollam is unlikely to exist in the world. This terrible plant can cause ten times more pain than any other poison. In Kerala alone, more than 550 people were poisoned by this plant from 1989 to 1999. 

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