The Asteroid

There are numerous objects in the space, from small stars to very large stars, from white dwarfs to extremely red giants, from tiny planets to very large planets, there are meteors, comets, nebulae, galaxies and many other objects. Among them are interplanetary objects. Apart from stars, planets, satellites, the objects that can be seen in space are interplanetary objects. Among these interplanetary objects, asteroids are the biggest. Let's know about asteroids.

Small planets are called asteroids, these asteroids could not become planets due to full or large size. They are sometimes called minor planets. It is thought that all the embryo planets that were formed during the beginning of the solar system, among them, those embryo planets that could not become large planets after connecting with other embryo planets are asteroids. The asteroids become full planets. No, but many asteroids have become part of each planet during the early days of the solar system. 

Again, sometimes asteroids collide with planets, it happens when an asteroid moves into the orbit of a planet or passes close to a planet. There are many such collisions between planets in the solar system. Signs are found. Such as Mercury, Mars, and our Moon. Some scientists believe that the Moon was created by an asteroid impact with the Earth, similar to Mars, and many believe that the Moon itself was an asteroid, created somewhere else in the solar system, and then the Earth. Earth's moon has become stuck in the pull of gravity.

Many scientists believe that the collision between the asteroid and the Earth caused the extinction of many terrestrial and aquatic animals, including dinosaurs. Venus and Uranus rotate in opposite directions, meaning they rotate from east to west, meaning that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. The rotation pattern of these two planets is different from other planets. Many people blame the collision of asteroids behind this difference.

Asteroids are made of rock, i.e. rocky asteroids. However, in many cases, asteroids made of other materials are also seen. The asteroids are very small in size. Their diameter ranges from a few hundred meters to 1000 km. can be as large as . That means the asteroids are very small.

The largest asteroid Ceres was first discovered in 1801, before that no one knew about asteroids. There are many asteroids in our solar system. There are asteroid rings, which are located between Mars and Jupiter. Apart from this ring, there are more rings. There are several types of asteroids in the solar system. For example: Apollo And the Trojan asteroid. The farthest asteroid is Kiron.

Some of the asteroids are: Ceres, Ares, Apollo, Icarus, Eros, Trojan, Hector, Chiron etc.

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