Physics Quiz Talk

Today's quiz from my side. Yesterday I gave a lot of tough quiz, so no one could answer all of them. So no one got a treat. Today I will do easy questions. Treat if you can answer:

1. Who is the author of this world famous book called Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy?

2. In which direction is the comet rotating and according to which law of physics is it rotating?

3. On what did Einstein conduct a Thought Experiment at the Solvey Conference in 1930?

4. "God doesn't play dice" to whom did Einstein say?

5.Erwin Schrodinger is famous for which equation?

6. Parallel Universe Theory and Multi-verse Theory originated from which equation or theory?

7. Which two physicists first showed that "Energy" can be obtained by splitting the uranium nucleus into two parts?

8. "Earth is not a special creation of God" The famous Nobel laureate physicist Wegner has a short but powerful argument. What is that argument?

9. According to the theory of randomness, how was the creation of life on earth?

10. What is the ratio of hydrogen to helium obtained through hydrogen and fusion?

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