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You are dearer than the moon, dearer than the moon, 
dearer than 
night, dearer to life than 

sweeter than the moon moonlight
sweet night, sweeter life than night
You are dearer than life..!

way of love
Separated! I mention you in everything
But the name is kept hidden.

Your fragrance is not found anywhere else,
I bought all the flowers and tried!

love is intoxication between two people
The one who regains consciousness first is unfaithful!

Everyone can guess my love
I smile when I hear your name!

The smile on your face tells me, I have 
just touched you and thought of you!

we are happy together
Will find the life of
You find me in yourself
We will find you in ourselves!

I want your existence in my stories
I search for your part of the sky
I find my land

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There is a beautiful happiness in your memory too, 
whenever it comes it brings a smile along!

No matter how much I stop myself in love
increases after fighting with you
Miss you even more!

What should I say to my love in front of your innocence, you have become careful 
, now what should I say to love!

Your memories, your words,
Only you are trapped,
yes admit it
That we are crazy about you

live in secret,
nothing happens suddenly
Relationships are just feelings
They don't have names.

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