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Fate is human 
Excuses for failure. 

Fight against time 
that fate changes, 
That person is the winner. 

To lose someone like that 
don't be afraid 
who is lucky to have you 
I don't think so.

Hard work is the mother of luck.

The more honest people are, 
The luck is worse. 

Those who wait 
Good things come.

Fate never suits a man 
The wise did not."

you are your destiny 
Create it yourself.

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Fortune is a dividend of sweat. 
The more you sweat, 
You will be so lucky.

To conquer a difficult fate 
The only thing is 
hard work

come your way 
The amount of luck is yours 
On willingness to work 
depending on 

Be thankful for luck. 

Only the lucky ones are real 
find a friend

you survive 
Lucky for every day 

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