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Now I miss you a little less,
Some habits improve with time!

Love is not the one in which there is victory or defeat, 
true love is that in which there is 
no hope of getting it, still waiting for it.

How can anyone else be special if you are in my heart, how can anyone be 
close to me except you.

It is only from the distance that one realizes 
how special closeness is.

Love should not be a noise, it should be just a feeling and only those whom we 
love should know.

Don't know how many dreams 
I have decorated with you, I have made you my life, 
I have made you my world.COPY
I don't want anyone else except you, 
I don't love anyone, I just love him 
and want to get him.

In the gathering of friends, she 
gets trapped like this, our name comes 
and she laughs madly...!

I turn the pages of books and think that 
if my life turns like this, then what is the matter, I meet 
everyday in dreams , what is the matter if I meet in 

When I saw a rose, I remembered you. When I 
passed through the gardens, I smelled of your fragrance. 
You are that girl in my life whom I 
met with peace

What is the 
main rate of my 

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What should I do to praise my beloved with 
her beauty, 
even the rose should be shy...!

There are so many stars in the sky, there is 
no one like the moon, there are so many girls in this world, 
but there is no one like you.

You are a flower of rose, we are intoxicated with 
alcohol... these eyes are visible, 
tell me what is the use of a mask...


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