Sad life Status Quotes 2023 Top Best Captions

 You are not a dream, you are reality, 
and that reality.. which 
makes life beautiful!

There is no desire to get you, 
this is my small intention to walk with you!

Take care of yourself because "I have"
There is no one else like you!

Thinking of you every moment.. has become 
a habit for me!!

Every evening as the sun sets,
There is a wish..
The one who is my moon
surrounded by stars,
Will see him again!

When it comes to feelings, she is always a 
winner. It feels good when 
she shows her right on me with love!

Why don't you adopt me even after being so close 
, you care about me, 
then why don't you express your rights!

We have only this much of your story,
That my whole life is up to you!

To the wind coming from your city
Understood the message of love,
Someone said love
I got your name!

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Even your lies are trusted, even after thinking it as a 
newspaper, you fall in love!

I have loved your name, I have 
loved your Ehsaas, 
you are not near me, yet I have 
loved your Yaadon.

i like you very much do 
n't ask the reason i don't know

Speak carefully, talk will go far, 
if you love me, then say yes, otherwise it will be too late

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