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What a beautiful feeling of your love, 
even after being far away, it seems 
as if you are around me every moment.

Roses keep blooming in the path of life, 
laughter keeps shining in your eyes. 
May you get waves of happiness at every step, 
this heart prays to you again and again

You can't tell how much "love" you have, 
just know 
that I can't live without you even a moment.

You like rain, I like you in rain, 
you like to laugh, I like you laughing, 
you like to speak, I like you talking, 
you like everything but me only you

You are more beautiful than love, 
if love is life then you are my life

Be with you at every turn of life,
Even if you are far away, always stay close to your heart.

Life is precious, why waste it, 
Why do you envy others? 
burning himself

What do you get by being jealous of someone? 
If there is love in the heart 
The world will conquer.

Jealousy is like a poison 
To you and your ideals 

Keep yourselves away from envy; 
As fire consumes wood, 
As well as good deeds 
Envy eats up.

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After reaching the destination in peace 
Keep smiling, those who envy you, 
Keep fueling them.

Do not envy the harvest of the rich. 
Envy their planting.

One who is jealous of others 
He does not get peace of mind.

Rust consumes iron and 
Jealousy consumes itself.


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