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Envy blinds people and 
Think well of them 
makes it impossible.

Life is full of envy 
makes it more difficult.

Not to be jealous 
Find people to admire. 
Not profitable but admirable 
do the work

I do not envy any animal, 
Although I have many of their powers 

Jealous many people 

Jealousy is a waste of time.

Jealousy is in any human being 
worst quality

Those who hate you 
Never hate them because 
They know who you are 
better than them

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The path of violence is yours 
Stray from the path to success 
will take

Jealousy is a disease of happiness in life 
is due to scarcity.

The wise man, 
He who sees the qualities and characteristics of others, 
Learn from them! 
Not envious of others.

Even if you can't love someone 
No problem, but someone 
don't be jealous

Some people are just jealous 
For pleasure and 
To insult others.


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