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Perhaps depression is too much of itself 
Asking unanswered questions 
is due to

Depression is a thick darkness 
Living in the fog. 

I feel like I'm inside 
slowly dying

My biggest problem is 
Overthinking everything.

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Depression is your life 
will turn off the light.

People have feelings 
loves to play

We are more in imagination than reality 
I suffer more.

The one we love 
Absence is worse than death.

Depression is not a battle 
that you won. 
It's a battle you fight 
fighting every day

Every man has his secret 
There is sorrow that the world does not know.

Many of us are depressed 
Very familiar with

About your past mistakes and failures 
don't worry Because it just is 
Sadness , regret and 
will fill you with depression.

You don't understand depression 
Until you are in an empty room 
Can't stand your presence. 

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