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I apologized to myself. 
I try to make others happy 
Most of all myself 
I have suffered

Love someone and lose him 
Do you know the pain of being silent?

You will miss me one day 
Thinking why I am his 
I did not appreciate love.

It hurts the most when 
People misunderstand us and 
Ours without fault 

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There was emotion 
To live in someone's heart,
As a result, I am in myself 
i died

You cheated on me 
it wasn't your fault
I gave you a chance 
This is my fault.

Maybe it's very close to you 
I went, so away from you 
It is very difficult to stay.

Nowadays people are in the name of love 
Come to spend time, when the mind is full 
Refused to even recognize.

wake up 
when i see your dream

I feel the winds 
still carries your fragrance"

You are my eyes 
The answer to flowing tears..!

He came very close and said 
i'm not yours

Mind says leave this world 
Go away forever, then think 
Who are you after you leave? 
will hate

To fulfill your promise 
I won't force you, just come once.
To get your memories back.

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