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Pain is truly ours with life 

I see you when I close my eyes 
When you open your eyes, you are not there.

I lost myself and 
No one ever noticed.

Human life does not end at death. 
It ends when they believe 

How many people in this world 
Weird isn't it?
Everyone leaves the toys and emotions 
playing with

People who smile a lot often do 
Asking for death in prayer for himself.

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The separation of my mind 
You can feel it 
Maybe to come back.

sometimes we 
I feel a lot 
But we can't say.

I heard from people 
Time changes, today is the time 
It is said that people also change. 

I bear all the hardships with a smile,
Because the troublemaker is mine!

Before leaving someone 
Think about why 
Been with him for so long.

If I'm wrong 
Excuse me, I hear you all 
There is no morning after sleep. 

To whom the mind gives life 
Will love, he is often other 
Someone is lucky. 

I think my own 
I should apologize to you 
I hurt myself a lot.

Even death does not hurt so much,
As much as your silence hurts.

Nice people always 
Not good, good people 
Not always pretty.

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