Best Status Lines in English | Sad Happy Love Mix For Your Page Quotes Pics

Often those people are us 
Forgets, for whom we are whole 
Forget the world.

The smarter you are, the 
Speak less.

It doesn't take time to forgive on the face, 
To forgive with heart 
takes time

The battle of life is to be fought alone.
People just make promises 
does not stay together 

Those who care a lot 
At one point he became reckless.

If you trust the wrong people 
The right person is known.

The grave is empty and crying,
People are dying within themselves.

I just because of the situation 
I am silent, I will tell when the time comes 
who am i

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But I'm not special 
Less people like me.

Curse the darkness 
rather than giving 
Better to light the lamp yourself.

Even after millions of stumbles, I 
I will continue to fall 
I'll get up again, I'll keep walking.

Don't try to be too smart 
Because my hair is also yours 
Taller than dignity.

Donkey order 
Wait, lion situation 
works accordingly.


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