Best Cool & Stylish Attitude Status in English Attitude Boy

Loneliness makes you one 
Build as a  strong man
can lift

The people around me are mine 
Not right for, so I'm crowded 
alone in

Your loneliness is yours
Turn into power.

Loneliness is yours 
Where life is going 
Gives sight to see.

Loneliness is your nature 
To perceive beauty 

Finding peace in solitude 
Get you never tired 
won't do

The sun is alone . And he still is 

People who don't value you 
rather than standing with them 
Better to stand alone.

Being alone means being different and 
Being different means being alone.

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Smart people laugh at failure 
Because they know how to succeed 
has to be

Smart people are their weaknesses 
It is smartness that hides.

People dream 
To forget, and me 
Dream to fulfill it.

Before you call me wrong 
You must be right 
must be

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