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My loneliness is all around me 
Because of the people who me 
don't understand

I enjoy being alone , 
My soul finds silence and peace.

I think loneliness is likely 
More people than cancer 
by killing

Sometimes you are alone 
have to stay not to be lonely 
Enjoy your free time 
to do

Sometimes from all of you 
Take a break from and 
To  understand and love yourself
Spend time alone.

As I grow older I want to be  alone
Feeling more relaxed.

Being alone has a certain power.

There were people everywhere but nobody 
I didn't have it, and I'm nobody's 
I wasn't

than unbelief 
Is loneliness more lonely?

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Solitude is the beginning of all freedom.

Those who can tolerate loneliness 
Only they are lonely 
can win

Being alone is a good thing 
That's a lot for myself 
have time

Loneliness is when you are on your own 
started talking with 
Because to listen to you 
no one


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