Creative Trends Quotes For Status Motivation English Pics Captions

Deer and lion may live in the forest, 
But not in the cage..

Not with old memories, 
New with new promises 
should start

Good people and lotus flowers 
Also blooms in dirt.

failed to try, 
But don't fail to try.

People only see your past 
Pick up when they are yours 
Fears the present.

Giving up is someone else's job. 
Smart people are also losers 
find success.

Smart work is the older brother of hard work.

Life and time are the same, 
Once lost and back 
not found

Life and faith are the same, 
It takes years to build but to destroy 
It takes seconds.

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Accepting change in life 
smart work

I am in this cruel world 
I'm not afraid to walk alone.

I don't know the key to success. 
But the key to failure is everyone 
trying to please

The worst disease is jealousy, 
Hope you get well soon 
will become

I am my own ray of sunshine 
Whom no one else needs.

Never let anyone tell you 
That you can't.


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