How To Ha-ck Any Wi-Fi Very Easily In Just Two Minutes

Hope everyone is well and healthy by God's grace. And stay healthy with Tunes. Today I am back with another fun tunesHope you like it, and find it useful. You have already understood the topic that I will discuss today by looking at the title. Today's topic is how to hack any wifi.

Most of us people have a lot of curiosity about Wi-Fi hacking. Ish has hacked each other's Wi-Fi, but why can't I? No need to regret seeing others from now on. You can do any Wi-Fi hack yourself.

To hack wifi we need few things. First of all, the Wi-Fi hack you will need is the Wi-Fi connected to the mobile. Because Wi-Fi is a local area network it cannot be accessed from anywhere. So Wi-Fi connected mobile will be needed. Let's just say that the method I will show for hacking Wi-Fi will work in many cases.

After getting the Wi-Fi connected mobile, you need to know the Wi-Fi IP address. In most cases the IP address of Wi-Fi is Still go to Wi-Fi option from settings to be sure.

Now hack any Wi-Fi very easily in just two minutes

After going click on the Wi-Fi Connect. After clicking you will see an option called IP address. And there's the IP address, memorize it.

Now go to any browser and search by writing it. After searching you will see an interface like this. Or maybe a little different, that's no problem.

Here you will see a login form. There are two boxes. Write admin in the first box and admin in the second box and click on login. If you are lucky it will log in. It works in most cases so test it out. If login then you will enter the wifi admin panel.

And can change anything from there. Click on the wireless option in the menu to see the Wi-Fi password. Now click on the password box and you will see the entered password. In this way you can hack any Wi-Fi.

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