What Is DNS Server? How Does DNS Server Work?

Hello friends, hope you are doing well. Hope the tune will be useful to you. Hope the tune will be useful to you. Another thing, those who find the previous tune difficult, come first after the previous tune. Otherwise, you may not understand many things.

Today we will discuss about DNS Server. In the previous tune we have learned a bit about DNS Server, in this tune we will know better how DNS Server works.

What is DNS Server?

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System. You can think of a DNS server like a phone book. When we type an address in the browser and search, it goes from the isp to the DNS server. Then the DNS Server converts the address given to us into a specific IP and sends it back to us. The DNS Server has its specific IP address written down with the address. Like we save his name along with the number in our mobile phone book. So that it is easy to find later. That's why DNS Server can be thought of as a phone book.

How does DNS Server work?

How does DNS Server work?

You already know what DNS Server is? Now let's know what DNS Server works? Those of you who read my previous tune know a bit about DNS Server. DNS Server basically saves many domain names along with its IP address. 

All domains in the world have different IP addresses. You can never visit two websites using the same IP address. When we search for a domain name, the DNS server converts the domain name to its specific IP address and returns it to us. The reason the DNS server returns us the IP address is because the ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot find a website server without an IP address.

From above we know that when a website name is searched it goes to DNS server to be converted to IP address. But it only goes once. That is, when your browser wants to access a website for the first time, it will only go to the DNS server. The website's IP address will be stored in the browser's cache memory when you next access it. The browser will access the website with the IP address from there.

You already know a lot about DNS Server. If you want to know more about DNS Server then you can read below. If you don't read it, there is no problem. DNS Server does its work in several steps. DNS server steps are discussed below.

How does DNS Server work?

First step: Go to any of your browsers and search by typing the address of any website. Take for example google.com.

Step 2: After searching google.com it will go to ISP. After arriving at the ISP, the ISP will first try to look in its cache memory to see if anyone has ever visited google.com using its servers. If he has visited then he definitely has the IP address of the website. That IP address will redirect to google.com. But if the ISP's server has never been used before, it will request the Root server.

Third step:Root server is the main server of the domain server. The root server is at the top of the DNS higher key. There are total thirteen root servers in the world. which are placed in different parts of the world. Root servers are operated under twelve different organizations. Each root server has its own unique IP. 

The interesting thing is that the Root server does not know anything about the IP of the domain. Now the question is why is it being sent to the Root server? This is because the root server knows who knows where google.com is. Now another question here is how the Root server knows who has the IP of google.com? 

The answer to this question is that Root server.com.info can know about such top label domains. Each top label domain has a separate server. If it is .com then Root server him. com will give the location information to the ISP. Then the ISP will request the TLD (Top Label domain) server.

Step 4: The TLD server knows nothing about the domain's IP address. But it collects a lot of domain information. The TLD server knows which name server has the domain's IP address. Then the TLD server gives the name server information to the ISP. Then the ISP requests the name server with that information.

Fifth step: Name server is the server where the IP address of the domain is saved. Then it will look at the domain and find out its IP address and send it back to the ISP. Finally the ISP will back the browser and the browser will show us our web site.

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