Learn Some Amazing Commands of Command Promote

All of us Windows users are familiar with Command Prompt or cmd. Which can be used to do many things in Windows. There are certain commands to perform any task. We will know some such commands in today's tune. So without further ado let's get started.

To work with command prompt first we need to open the command prompt. Command Prompt can be opened in several ways. One method is start + r then type cmd and hit ok. Then the command prompt of Windows will open in front of you. Now let's know the commands.

1. Color change

For those who don't like the default color of command prompt, they can change the color using a specific command. For that type in command prompt color: then press enter. You will open a page like below or some code will appear.

Here are different codes or commands for different colors. Using these you can change the color as you wish. Suppose you want to change the text color of Command Prompt to green, then type color a and then enter. Then the color of your command prompt will turn green. To get the color you want , space it out with color and enter the code next to that color and hit enter. Then the color you like will come out.

2. Change Folder URL

This command is for those of you who want to bring the hacker feel of your command prompt.

The marked area in the image above shows which drive you code folder is on. But if you want to write there your @hacker ie maruf @hacker then how about? Hopefully it will be much better and the command prompt will feel a little hackerish. So let's do that now type prompt space @hacker space $G ie prompt maruf @hacker $G and enter. Then you will see your given name showing there.

3. Change command promote title

Using the previous commands gave us a bit of a hacking feel to our command prompt. Now if you want to add some more hacking feel then use below command.

Using this command we can change the title text of our command prompt. For those who don't understand the command prompt title, the marked area in the above image is the command prompt title. Now if you want to change it to write hacking the system. Then type title space then your title ie title hacking the system. Then hit enter.

4. How to watch the movie?

Now you can watch star wars movie using any command you know. Many may not believe it. If they run the command with difficulty, your eyes will roll up in your forehead. Let me show you a little demo before running the command.

This is just the beginning of the movie. You can see more after running the command. Which you may never have thought about can be done with the command prompt. You need to make some settings on your computer to run the command properly. For that press the start button from the keyboard then tap turn windows features on or off then you will see an option like below.

pc command shortcuts

If you see the option as above, click on it to open it. Then a window like below will open.

pc command shortcuts

Then you will see an option called Telnet Client when you come down a bit. If it is unchecked then check it and click ok button. Then restart your computer. After restarting the computer, open command prompt again and type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl and hit enter. Then if you wait for a while you will see that star wars movie is started in front of you.

5. How to copy text?

Now you can copy the text in the command prompt using the command that I will show you. Suppose we type the command ipconfig in the command prompt and hit enter. Then many things will come in front of us on the network. If you want to copy these texts, give the command ipconfig clip then all text will be copied to your clip board.

6. Command History or history

So far we have run many commands in our command prompt now if you see the list of all then press F7 key on your keyboard. Then the list of your commands will open.

These were some of the amazing commands of today's Command Prompt. Allah Hafez so far for today.

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