Smart Wife (Part - 2) Relationship Story

- What? What are you watching with so much attention?

- Nothing.

- Ishita and the boy survived well, so no!

"I listened to Nilima's words and looked at her for a while. It was as if someone was hitting me in the chest. I couldn't imagine that I would see the person I was dreaming about next to someone else. Someone was holding me by the throat. I couldn't even speak."

"I looked at Nilima and shook my head in a hoarse voice ....

- Hey, pretty much adapted.

- You know, I've said it many times. But I do not want to believe. Seeing that, I am saying that you two have made a lot of love, hide it and get married now.

"Nilima looks at me and starts saying things. It's like a drop of salt on the cut body!"

"Neelima's words are cutting my mind right now. I can't say anything, I can't keep quiet again. Neelima is saying things and smiling which makes me feel unbearable.

Ishita took the boy's hand and stood in front of him with a smile on her face. Seeing that the body is burning, I want to ask with a slap along the ear ....

- That day you said in a loud voice that there is no one in life. So who is this boy? And why do you want to walk with so many hands? Or to show me?

Ishita looked at Ishita for a while and then she looked at the other side and said ....;

- Sorry, it's a little late to come. Please don't mind.

- No, it's okay. Where's the delay?

- Well, let me introduce you. He is .....

- Stay, Ishita, I said.

When Ishita wanted to speak, Nilima tied it and said. Ishita looked at the boy with a smile on hearing Neelima's words and said ......

- Russell, he's eternal. The one I told you about.

"Oh! He means the boy's name is Russell. He's already told me. Wow! It's conceivable, and it doesn't say they have such a good relationship."

As I was saying these things in my mind, the boy extended his hand. I also extended my hand for politeness. I asked the waiter to give me some food.

"Ishita is calling her son Tike by many names. Her body is burning. And Nilima is just smiling. I am also nodding my head in agreement for politeness.

- Baby, eat this. Eat that .....

"Ishita's body is burning when she sees the thirty-two-tooth babu. I wonder when I can stay here. Show me as if she is pouring a little more caress. Sometimes she is feeding with her own hands.

"Looking at Ishita's trunks, her hands are crushing. If I could, I would throw away the teeth of Babu with thirty-two teeth.

- You know, you're sitting here chatting? I'm bothering to find you.

"Suddenly someone came back and said the words and put his hand on my shoulder. I was shocked to see the ghost back when I heard the girl's voice.

- What's this? Where did Annie come from here again?

"Everyone is looking at Rita in amazement as soon as they see her. Who would have thought that someone would come and tell me like that?"

"I looked at Rita and said to myself ....

- No, I was waiting for you. Suddenly I met them.

- Look, don't lie. But I am getting very angry.

"I saw Rita's arrogant tone and went to Rita and said ....

- The target doesn't get angry. This last time will not be wrong.

- Wait wait, who is this girl .... ??

Before Rita could say anything, Ishita left her chair and got angry. Ishita couldn't think.

Rita heard Ishita's words and said ....

- Do you know who this girl wants to know about me like that ??

- I told you no! From that house he got up to marry a witch and Petney. This girl, I have a lucky wife like you. Or .......

- What? Am I a witch, Petney?

Ishita got angry when she heard me. She swallowed me as if she could.

But at the moment Ishita is feeling pretty good about being angry. The revenge of sprinkling salt on the cut body was taken a while ago.

"Ishita is beautiful enough to look at and angry as if she has a beautiful red complexion.

- Beware. Don't touch my groom. Too bad?

- Stop Ishita! What are you doing Everyone is watching.

"Neelima, realizing the situation, hurried to Ishita and tied her up. Ishita tried but couldn't run away. The boy who once held Ishita's hand went and told her to calm down. Many people in the restaurant were looking at us.

Ishita got angry and wanted to know .....

- What makes this girl a wife?

- Dad, you didn't say we've been married for six months after our six-year relationship. I have hidden so much for you.

After hearing Ishita's words, Rita came back to Rita to say the words. When Ishita was coming down, I saw that the situation was not good and moved away.

"Who told Rita .....

- Janu, I told you everything. Where did I get the time to say. But this time I will tell you at home.

"Ishita whispered angrily to me .....

- What? Chit, you married Batpar but you got up to marry me again? I did not say once that you are married. Have you started playing with my life again?

"I was not scared this time even after seeing Ishita's angry face. Why should I be scared now Rita is beside me. So there is no question of being scared. I kept my eyes on Ishita and said ......

- Don't talk nonsense. What did I play with you? You have all started.

- Did I start? Why didn't you say married?

- Where did you give me the opportunity to tell? He spoke before him. Need to break up the marriage? And he didn't say that you have a babu with thirty-two teeth. Again, no love does not tame. Thirty-two teeth baby saw this first time in life! People of love too ........

- You cheated ....

As soon as she heard Ishita's words, Rita looked at me angrily and said ....

- What are you talking about ....?

- I didn't tell you who Petney was. Then the marriage began to break up. He told me that he has no girlfriend but look at this thirty-two tooth babu. And he didn't tie the knot when he said that we were married.

- Beware, you don't call me Petney. You lied. Why didn't you tell me you got married?

"Ishita got angry when she heard me say the words and the boy tied her up and said ....

- Ishita, you don't do that. A little .....

- Keep your Ishita. You hold your lover's hand, release my hand ... so much has happened after listening to you.

"Ishita removed the boy's hand in one fell swoop. I was stunned to hear Ishita's words. What did she say?

"I was looking at Ishita when I heard her talking, then Nilima said ......

- I mean, Russell is my groom. Ishita's Jiju, and so much has happened in our minds. So much for actually watching you play a little.

- You see now. Why did you lie ...?

Ishita was very angry and wanted to know as soon as Nilima's words were over. Tears were glistening in the corner of Ishita's eyes.

- This girl can't be trusted. I got married because I don't know when I will change my words again.

Rita held my hand and said ....

- Let's go. We don't need to be in all this trouble. Those who are in trouble will understand. You will tell us about our wedding at home today.

- Hmm, let's go. There is no point in staying here.

The waiter came over with a bill on the way out holding Rita's hand ....

- Sir, your bill is .....

"I handed the bill paper to the waiter ...

- You see, the girl is angry. He will pay the bill.

"The waiter grabbed Rita's hand and went to Ishita for the bill as soon as she stepped out. Ishita threw the bill paper towards Neelima and wiped away her tears. Do I have that ?? I have a wife ... .

- Mama, I didn't tie the knot today. Sakshat could be the top heroine of the movie.

"I got out of the restaurant with Rita and sat in the rickshaw and said the words with a smile. Rita also finished laughing.

Rita stopped laughing with great difficulty and said ....

- Sha *** You don't know how to act less. How I seized Ishita.

- That happened today. Came to seize me. Luckily you came on time. And if you didn't blink, I wouldn't understand.

- Did I want the girl? Who will fool my cousin again and again?

- Hmm, look how you cried today?

Rita stopped smiling before I finished speaking ....

- Give me a thousand rupees.

- What money? Why ...?

- Outside, I acted so beautifully for you, won't you treat me?

- That's a thousand .....?

"I was shocked to hear Rita's words. What do you say?"

- Yes, that's why I'm going out with friends. I saved your restaurant bill and can not pay a thousand rupees? Go to meet your future wife again ..?

- Which is not so much money. I can't pay.

"Rita smiled at me ...

- Give me the money or do I have to act again ??

- No, this is money ....

"I gave the money out of fear after hearing Rita's words. Or does the girl know how to sit here again? She smiled with the money and told me to go down .....

- Bye, let's rent a rickshaw. Next time but want a treat.

"What a terrible girl, father. I have never seen such a girl in my life. But sometimes she saves me from danger.

Oh, that's not what Rita was told. Rita is my cousin + class friend. Although he suddenly fell ill, but also a lot better off. When Ishita did that, I told her to open everything. No one knew it would happen today.

"It was not difficult to understand when Rita came in a hurry and blinked her eyes. No one could understand that they had acted well before. One day when the traffic police caught her, Rita acted and brought her away. Rita wanted to eat my wife and her ice cream. The police released him but told him not to make a mistake next time.

Even today he is no exception. For example, when he arrives on time, he can understand by seeing from a distance. Although I was showing pictures of Ishita. Some guessed.

"As soon as Ishita left, I went home with an apology of one thousand rupees. Although more than one thousand rupees is an apology for poor Ishita.

"I couldn't come home. After meeting my friends, I went to chat with them. When I returned home in the evening, my mother called me.

"As soon as I heard my mother's call, I asked her to come closer ....

- Are you married?

- Who told you that?

- Answer what I want to know.

"I asked her to be a little angry when she heard her angry voice .....

- Hmm, I thought I'd tell you today. It's good that you know.

- What? Come with the ruby ​​broom, today I will put the bones together.

"Ruby said she was coming when she heard her mother's words. She was healed. I went to make a fuss and saw her danger. Someone ran to save herself and slammed the door of the room.

- Come on, Maharaja, I was waiting for you.

"I looked back and screamed as if I saw a ghost. I saw someone sitting on the bed with his feet up.

- Ghost ...

"Before he shouted for the second time, he ran and slapped his face and said ...

- Don't shout like that. I'm not a ghost ...

"As soon as I removed my hand from my mouth, I took it and wanted to know .....

- Tu tu tu ........

- Hey, me. Who will I be? The wife is in the room, isn't it?

- When did I get married ...?

"She smiled at me .....

- Why? Not today .......................

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