Smart Wife (Part - 3) Relationship Story

- Why? Today you said you married me?

- What? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? What are you really doing here? How real in my room?

"Rita is shocked to see a ghost. At the same time, listening to Rita's words makes the sky fall on her head. What does this girl say?

Rita then said ....

- Who will be in my house if not me?

- Look, I don't always like Iraki.

- Am I joking?

-I mean ...?

"Rita gets on her feet as soon as she hears me. I tried to move Rita but I couldn't. Rita hugged her legs and said with tears in her eyes ......

- Brother, fall at your feet. You save our relationship.

- What do you mean?

- Brother, you accept me as your wife in front of everyone. Then it will be .....

- What ... ???

"I was shocked to hear Ritu's words. Is this girl's head okay? Or is it a new ID to ask for money to go for a walk with friends again. Nothing goes to her head after listening to Rita's words. Everything seems to be going on. Sha **** Then the servant came and asked me several times why should I pay?

"Ritu's only answer in response to my words ......

- Wow! You are my friend as well as my brother. Although the cousin is of the same blood.

"Sometimes I hear Rita's words ....

- Do you have to pay to see your brother? And you can not take my uncle's money? I can't ask your boyfriend for money.

"He gritted his teeth and smiled at me ...

- Hey hey, how many times will he take his father's money? Every month, if you can hear me taking it, my mother will beat you with a broom. And the money of the people I love after marriage is my money. Then I will pay all your money. Why should I ask him for money now? Now give me less money .....

"You have to pay money without being able to talk to Rita. I have never seen such a bastard sister in my life. Ruby Tao is also becoming a bastard nowadays with Rita. I don't know if the groom's life will be strained after marriage.

"One day he came to the shop in a hurry. When his father went home, Rita came. Rita came and started talking ...

- Hey, give me five hundred rupees forever.

"I was shocked to hear Rita's words. What? Such a big challenge calls my name. Seeing Rita's thoughts, it seems that Mr. Lat and I are employees.

I got angry when I heard Rita's words .....

- How dare you call me by my name? What else will I pay?

- Sorry, it was a mistake. Brother, give me five rupees.

- You're coming to the line. What is not the share of the money, the money will be given to the tree if you want?

"Rita got very angry when she heard me. She got angry and said ....

- Don't pay?

- No, I won't. Share ...

- Looks not good but .....

- Do whatever you can.

"As soon as she heard me, Rita started talking loudly in anger. Who knew that such an intelligence was playing in her head. After a while, people from all around came and appeared. I was surprised to see Rita's sugarcane factory. I am not returning his money even if I pay for it.

"After hearing Rita's words, I went to the forest. What does this girl say? No one believes me then.

Nothing is working in my head. Then I realized that when I kept a note of one thousand rupees, he noticed it. After a while my father came and appeared. When Dad finally heard it, he laughed. Of course my father understood.

"Since then, Rita has witnessed a lot of controversy. This girl can't be trusted. I don't know what she meant again.

"Without thinking, I handed the wallet to Rita and said ...

- Brother, hold it in your hand. Which takes money from here. I will give more if you want .. Come back with friends wherever you want. Whatever I say at home, I say, don't be so jealous. Look, I am so scared and tense.

"He returned my wallet to me and said .....

- Keep your money. Save me from this danger first. Otherwise, I will tell everyone that you married me.

- Why are you doing this? What happened?

"As soon as she heard me, Rita started saying .....

"I took money from you and went to the ice cream shop to chat with my girlfriends. It was as much trouble as going there.

- What ...?

As soon as I heard Rita's words, I widened my eyes and wanted to know. Rita then started crying and crying ...

"Who knew your future wife was such a witch? Suddenly Iti showed it to Ratul. I was shocked to see Ratul. With your future wife .... what a name. ???

"Oh! Ishita. Sitting with Ratul. I got angry when I saw her. What? She is flat with me? She is also your future wife with another girl behind me? She could not accept it in any way.

- With another girl behind me? Aren't you ashamed?

"Ishita was shocked to hear me. Who knew Ishita's cousin Ratul? I can't think what to say when Ratul opened up. Ishita was shocked to know everything about me. Love and caress a lot. In the end, I found a way and said everything openly. And I apologize holding hands. It will not be a mistake.

"Rita's words fell silent. My wallet also fell out of my hand. Which girl did I fall in love with?"

"I looked at Rita in awe and wanted to know ......

- But why are you here? And what does Ishita want ...?

- Ishita brought it. And either today I will tell the truth in front of everyone and I will agree to marry Ishita. Otherwise I will have to lose Ratul.

- I can't.

"I didn't do it immediately after hearing Rita's words. I don't know how the girl who can change so much before marriage can sit after marriage? And for the first time she has said that marriage will not take place in the village.

"As soon as she heard me, Rita fell to her feet.

- Brother, fall at your feet. Please don't. You accept Ishita as your wife.

What danger did I find in "listening to Rita"? Which girl did I fall in love with?

"Suddenly I heard my mother's call from outside. She was screaming again and again to open the door. Before she could say anything, Rita went and opened the door.

"One by one, my mother, father, uncle, Ruby and last of all, Petni means Ishita came and appeared. Everyone looked at me in silence as if they were watching the zoo.

- What are you listening to? I didn't even think you would do that.

"As soon as I heard my mother's words, I looked at Rita and then at Ishita. Then I told my mother .....

- Mom, are you ........................

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