Smart Wife (Part - 1) Relationship Story

- This is it, sir, what's your problem?

- I mean .... ???

I closed the door of the room and wrapped the hem of the sari around my waist. I got very angry and asked the girl in surprise. Why shouldn't I be surprised ???

"I am talking about my marriage with the girl. Today I saw the girl with the family and forcibly sent her to speak differently. I said to the girl in fear.

- You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Don't you understand?

- No, I don't understand you.

- Girl, as if you don't know how to eat fried fish.

- You mean ...?

- I mean this will not be a marriage.

"I was shocked to hear the girl's words. What do you say? After a while the marriage is all right and now she says this marriage will not happen. So does the girl have any relationship with anyone. She may have a city girl. ..

- Why do you have a girlfriend?

As soon as she heard the girl's words, she got angry and said .....

- Don't talk nonsense. I will kill him. I don't have any prom. I will not get married now. And I will not forget to get married in the village. So this will not be marriage. You have to break this marriage.

"I don't know how I got confused after hearing about my daughter. What kind of girl is this, Dad? Who did I come to marry?

The girl said looking at the angry magician's eyes, then the girl said .....

- Hey, why aren't you talking?

- Wondering what to say now?

- What do you mean?

"I was quite surprised to hear what I had to say.

- I will go to my uncle and tell him that I do not want to marry your daughter. So this will not be a marriage.

- What? Crazy or not? If I say this wrongly, I will kill him.

- Then ...... ???

"I looked at the angry eyes of the girl and looked at her in fear. I have been scared since I came here. I have heard from my friends how much experience I had when I went to see the girl.

"Somehow I have to get back from here. That girl, Ra Baba? And I don't want to marry a girl in the city by mistake.

"He looked at me angrily and said ....

- Tell me, I didn't like you. So can't marry this.

- But I'm ..........

- But that's what I said.

- Yes ...

- Brother, he has asked to bring his future wife.

"I saw the girl's angry eyes, shook my head and gave my consent. I heard my younger sister's call outside. I looked at the girl again and opened the door and started smiling with my small teeth. Seeing her, my body was burning.

"I left the room and went straight to the drawing room. The girl followed me in a very polite way. As if she doesn't know how to eat fried fish.

"In this regard, my father has started calling my mother Bian Beiya. My father has known Ishita's father for a long time.

Oh! Ishita is my future wife. But now it is not possible to say whether she is going to be a future wife or not. Ishita doesn't want to get married even though her father and mother have already made her a mother-in-law. So it is going to be said that the marriage will not take place. Ishita looked at me angrily several times but could not tell her father. I will go home and say that I have fixed it in my mind.

"Once I said goodbye and left for home. When my mother came again, she forced Ishita to put a thousand taka note in her hand. If she didn't do it several times, she said ....

- Hold on! You are not only my son's wife but also our daughter from today.

Ishita looked at my heart and left the money. I lost a thousand rupees. What was the need to show so much superiority. My mother doesn't know that this girl is not going to be their house wife.

"On the way home, Ruby burns her ears while singing the praises of her future fianc ।e. She found out so much in one day but did not know that the marriage was not taking place.

"Before I got home and went to my room, I told my mother ...;

- Mom, come to my room ...

"I have to tell my mother. My mother came to my room. I could not think how to say the right thing. But I have to say that I know. Who will marry such a girl again? After marriage, life will be brighter.

Mom hurriedly said ....

- Tell me, what did you call for?

- Mom, I can't marry that girl.

- What are you talking about?

"After listening to me, my mother was quite surprised and wanted to know why I was surprised.

I did not get upset when I heard my mother's words ....

- That's what I'm saying. I don't want to talk about this anymore. This is the last thing I will not marry this girl.

- Listen forever ...

I came out of the room saying the words to my mother. Even though my mother called me several times, I pretended not to listen and left. Goes straight to the field.

"Even if I don't return home all day, I come back at night. When I come home, I realize that my father is angry. There is no word on anyone's face, everything is silent.

"Why didn't you tell me before that you didn't like your son's daughter? How can I show my face now? Didn't you think about my dignity?"

"I didn't see anyone else that night. My mother didn't really, but my younger sister called me several times with a black face. The poor thing was upset when she heard that I would not get married. How many hopes were there in marriage. Stay when I get married or I will fulfill my wishes." .

"Even after two days, I didn't fall in front of my father. My mother tried to explain to me many times. She tried many times to find out why I shouldn't get married. But every time I said nothing, I kept quiet. Sit down ??

I woke up very early in the morning to hear the sound of the phone. Half asleep to receive the phone from the side said .....

- Why are you sleeping so long?

"I was a little shocked to hear a woman's voice. There is no one to call me that way. And that makes me so beautiful? I became quite silent. I am not dreaming again. No, I am awake.

My drowsiness subsided when I heard the voice again from the side. He said in a very annoying voice from the other side .....

- Do you have anything to talk about?

- Who are you? And what are you talking about with me?

- So many questions at once? I'm talking about your little sister's future.

- What?

"As soon as I heard the girl's words, I got up from the bed and sat down. The sleep in my eyes seemed to be lost in a moment. What did this girl say? Where did she get my number? And why did she suddenly call me and ask me to meet her?"

Thousands of questions are still circulating in my mind. Ishita then said with a sweet smile ....

- Yes.

- Why do you want to meet me?

- You'll know when it's time. See you at four this afternoon. Remember .........

- This is the show .......

"I hung up the phone before I could say anything. I don't understand what's going on in the morning. The phone switches off as soon as I dial the number again.

"I was lying down and wondering who it might be. I heard my father's call. I got up despite my reluctance. Or else I have to listen to gossip in the morning.

"Oh! I'm infinite. I'll run for work as soon as I finish my studies. Then I get up at home for marriage. Ishita is the daughter of a father friend, Arnas has just finished her second year.

"It's not bad to see a girl. She has a green complexion, looks like a magician. She falls in love at first sight. When I take a picture from Ruby, I start dreaming. Who knew she would break up before she could dream. A witch lives behind a magical face.

- Sir, do you need anything?

"Suddenly the waiter came and said, 'How long have you been waiting? Waiting for someone is the hardest thing in the world. And now I'm waiting for that.'

"I've been waiting since then. No one has heard of me coming at four-fifteen. I just got a phone call and went to see him. I understand that I have made a fool of myself."

"I'm getting annoyed. I've been sitting for a long time. I'm leaving. Then a beautiful woman came and said ....

- Are you Mr. Infinity ...?

- Yes, but I do not recognize you?

"As soon as she heard me, she smiled and raised her hand .....

- I'm Nilima. Ishita's girlfriend.

- I'm eternal ...

"I smiled as soon as I heard the girl's words. But I was a little confused as to why Ishita didn't come suddenly.

Ishita's girlfriend looked at me and said ....

- I know all about you in Ishita's face. However .......

- But what? And where is Ishita?

"She smiled at me ...

- That's your Ishita coming.

"Ishita is coming forward with a big smile on her face when she hears Neelima's words. But Ishita is not alone with a boy. Most likely she will be the same age or study at the same time. So what about Ishita ......

"Nah! Nah, how can I think that is possible? Ishita has said that she has no relationship with anyone. So did she lie?"

"I was wondering who Ishita was when Nilima said ......

- What? So ..........................

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