My Sweet Wife (Short Love Story)

Don't listen to this?

What happened

Your hair is shaking!

There is no need


Don't like



Do you set foot on your legs?

There is no need

Let's not sit on the roof.


Hold your hand

Oh. What do you need at home at home?


If not?



Want to go

If I don't let go


If you don't go, are you angry like this?

Don't know

If you can't do it after a few days,

I'll go now.


I will cry

No one will come to see.

Do you mean Rishan?

Not going


I didn't say

But why?

Don't know

What do you mean?

Love you

I know but why not let me go?

I want me

Say it?


Stop if I can go.


This is my sweet bout.

He had been facing his father's house since morning. I didn't do it at night. Abu Ammu asked to go but he would never go without my permission.

Silver brings Abu Ammu. The bomb is like my own mind. Even after marriage, the love of other feelings that I understand to come into silver.

In this age, so many world girls are one of the million million. A different weakness of silver always works. The name Bopagal seems to have come into contact with these qualities.

But I am not mad at my wife. Wife means all my things will take part.

I love him in his wife's dignity. This love has taken the two closer to the other way. From tomorrow night he says he will go to his father's house.

But I don't want to go. He doesn't want to leave. But I do not understand. I am trying to say how much I'm trying to say but she can't easily forget the baby girl. You can sit.

I'm not in prison Silver is suffering from my heart, but I don't want to leave him. Meanwhile, I can't go to the office in the office.

Why the girl doesn't understand me. Now again and again, the vangchi cut off and left me to eat (i) Hum will leave.

(Silver) Why? I want to hurt myself Do you want to go to Abu Ammu? Hmm. But I will not let go. Please go to Rhine once. And I never want to go. I didn't say that. Oh oh oh.

What happened is why you are so bad? Ha ha ha smile. You know all these things.

Who said you know that you can't go until you get permission and so you are doing it? Hmm. Please Ishan oh. Come on. Don't eat I told you to eat.

I said. Don't eat. Feeling sleepless. Sit at night yes I will take silver in the car tomorrow morning. But didn't say anything.

At the last moment his angry face wanted to see a bit more. The girl is very angry with me but will not say anything in the face. At the last minute I said because he had to stay a few days.

How can all kids feel for their parents. Furthermore, Dad does not want to see everyone for a long time.

Respect me a lot, I did not go without the permission of others, but he was hurting himself. But he has to keep some food. One night and I know.

However, when you hear about eating in the morning, hunger will surround it overnight. Where is the packing in your bag? That's it. Hmm.

Get up, let's say Abu Amu Salam. Hmm. I went out after a while. I arrived at the counter with a rickshaw.

Do you know what the mind wants?

(What am I?

I have left you in your chest all your life.

How do people in the girl's chest?

Goes in love and everything can be done.

It has been. But take care of yourself.

Hmm u too.

Ok to eat.


In the morning, I listened to insanity and cut the bus ticket for madness, jumped in joy.

Frankly, I see his smile. Now, though the problem is, the bus is as far as I keep an eye.

Two days, Sirohlo (silver) hmm.

Does the ball mean hmm?

Wow you called for something to say?

I have to quietly search here for two days.

I know you're good

Know the scissors.

What are you doing now?

I'm dancing I can see

Rision Hum

Why is your phone off?

If you go to the office you have to stay away from the meeting for two days.

So I'll forget me.

I forgot where

I know

Know the mistake

Last night, you remember your mischief so I cried so much.


Miss you


Love you


Are you angry?


So why not say anything?

Tell me

You will come a little more to see you tomorrow.

There is no vacation

Don't try

Do you eat at night?

Don't say it will come.

Do not eat

(I cut off) I didn't call silver.

I know if you want to see him. But today he gave the phone to turn on. I'm telling you to go. Yes, I'll go. Don't tell him now. Leaving alone is fun. Crying crazy. I'm coming crazy .....

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