Blue Island Love (Part - 1) Romantic Love Story

Israt went to read in the library. At this time he got into a quarrel with a girl. Israt is very angry and restless. He got angry and tore a book of Ronnie. Broke down and threw to the ground.

Israt looked at his glasses and said, "What did you do that for?"

"What else did I do?"

"That broke my glasses."

"What is the book you tore up for me?"

"Comparing my glasses to your book? Why did you break it?"

"Why are you so angry for just two hundred rupees glasses?"

"What did you say? Two hundred rupees! One thousand rupees."

"What do you say? I have a friend's shop. I saw these glasses there for two hundred rupees."

"You said you would pay two hundred rupees for these glasses? Money is not a big deal. The glasses are real. You didn't fix the glasses."

Israt walked out of the library. Ronnie took the glasses in his hand and said, "Why did you argue like this with these glasses?"

Shant said, "Do you have power?"

Ronnie looked into his eyes and saw that there was power.

Silent said, "What do you think Ronnie?"

Ronnie looked at Nirber and said, "The glasses are the glasses of power. What will happen to that girl now?"

Shant said, "Do you know what will happen? And if you don't look at the current glasses, you can't understand which one to get."

Ronnie said, "Let's buy some glasses."

The next day Israt went to the restaurant to have coffee. Ronnie also came there. Ronnie bought glasses for Israt. In the meantime I saw Israt. Went to Israt. Ronnie said, "Sorry. To break the glasses. I didn't really understand you were blind."

Israt got angry and said, "What did you say I am blind? I can see everything with my own eyes, how can I be?"

"Oh sorry that means you see less with your eyes."

"Why are you here?"

Holding the glasses in Israt's hand, he said, "Keep it."

"What is it?"

"I'm coming now."

Ronnie walked out of the restaurant. Israt looked at the glasses.

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