Blue Island Love (Part - 3) Romantic Love Story

Ronnie came home. It was as if a thought entered my mind after seeing Israt today. I met him two days ago but my face didn't look good. I really liked seeing him today. I felt very good. Ronnie went to the roof. Ronnie's face began to float again and again. 

Ronnie's mind is not normal today. It was as if something had entered his mind. Ronnie went out of the house again. He started walking. Israt looked down and said, "What happened, why are you calling?"

"Do you live in this house?"


"Oh my cousin Rifah lives here."

"Is that so! Rifah is your sister?"



Rifah entered the room and saw Israt talking to someone. He came to the verandah and looked down and saw his Ronnie brother.

Rifah said, "Why are you here, brother?"

"That's how I was walking."

"Oh walk."

"All right, you go, I'll go."

"Go brother."

Israt looked at Riffa and said, "Oh that's your Ronnie brother to see that smart Hebby."


"Your brother broke my glasses."

"Bought it again."


Israt came into the room.

At 2 o'clock in the night. Ronnie hid and left the house. He went to the veranda of Israt's room under the tree. He called Rifah.

"You come to the balcony a little but I'll come alone."

"Why brother on the porch?"

"I'm telling you to come. You come."

Rifah came to the verandah and saw Ronnie standing.

"What's the matter, brother, are you here?"

"Tell Israt to wake up."

"Why are you so late?"

"Are you Israt's best friend?"


"Does this Israt have a BF?"

"What will you do when you hear this?"

"Don't tell me."

"No BF, Husband, Lover. But what will you do when you hear that?"

"Give me the link to his ID."

Rifah became Acharya and said, "Brother, what will you do with Israt's ID link? Oh, I don't understand!"

"Hey no. Give it to you. My target is Sona Moyna sister. I won't do this for my brother!"

"I'll do a lot for my brother. But you don't have to know why!"

"I'll tell you later. Give me the link first."

Israt didn't see Rifah and started calling. Ronnie said, "You give me now."

Israt came to the verandah. He stood beside Rifah and said, "What are you doing here, Kiri?"

"I didn't see anything like that."

"Oh let's go to sleep."

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