Blue Island Love (Part - 2) Romantic Love Story

Israt took the glasses in his hand and looked around. Then he saw with his eyes that the glasses were all right. Rifah came and sat in front of Israt. He looked at Israt and said, "Are you buying new glasses or not!"

Israt took the glasses and said, "A boy from Nare broke my glasses yesterday. Then he bought a new pair of glasses today."

"Oh that's right!"

"Hmm. That boy is reading a book. I tore the book in anger at someone. So he broke my glasses."

"Oh well. The glasses are great!"

"Well, I'll go to the showroom. Will you go?"

"No, I have a job. Whatever you do."

"Okay. I'll go then."

Israt went to the showroom. He was looking at his clothes. Meanwhile Ronnie came here. Israt was looking at his clothes and walking. Ronnie was looking at his clothes and walking. Israt pushed Rony.

"I didn't push. I was looking at the shirt."

"Why are you looking at the dress? Do you have a wife or a girlfriend?"

"Hey, no, wife, girlfriend, nothing. I was buying it for a friend of mine. My friend says that your choice is a good one."

Israt thought, "Actually you have a choice. The glasses are beautiful!"

"Oh well."

Ronnie had never looked at Israt's face before. He looked today. He looked like a magician's face, a magician's eye. Ronnie looked up. Israt said, "I'm sorry to tear your book."

"No, okay. Tell me your name?"

"Israt. Yours?"


"Oh well. You see what clothes to take for a friend's girlfriend."

"Say something if you don't mind."

Israt looked at his shirt and said, "Say yes."

"It would be nice if you could make a little choice. In fact, only girls can buy these good girls' clothes."

"Well, I'm making a choice."

Israt gave Ronnie a choice of clothes. Israt also made a choice and bought it. Ronnie went to Nirb. He put the shirt in his hand and said, "Look how it is."

Nirab took out his shirt and said, "Hey, the shirt is very beautiful."

"Yeah, well, this dress for the future."

"Hmmm, look, your thoughts come and go."

"Well then I'll go."

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