Blue Island Love (Part - 4) Romantic Love Story

Israt woke up in the morning and entered Facebook. He saw that Ronnie had made a friend request. Israt showed the ID to Rifah and said, "Isn't this your Ronnie brother?"

"Yes, that's it, brother. Friend has requested. Friend."


"Do it."

Israt befriended Ronnie and went to Fresh. Rifah came to the verandah and called Ronnie. Ronnie took the call and said, "Tell me what to say?"

"See you today, brother?"


"I'll do it when I see you."

"How do you do that?"


"What's that?"

"I'll do that."

"Hey, tell me what to do."

"Don't you understand! Meet me today."


Rifah went to the restaurant in the evening. Ronnie had already arrived. Rifah sat in front of Ronnie and said, "Don't be a brother!"

"What have you been saying since then? What happened?"


"Say what you want."


"What do you think? Who do you think?"

"I think your wife. Brother, I will help you a lot. I gave you this ID. I told you to be a friend. I will talk now. And I can do this for my brother. But brother, why are you hiding from me? Listen, brother, there is no benefit in playing hide and seek." I understood straight away that you fell in love with Israt. "

"I said then!"

"I said yes."

"Okay, let me see you."

"Of course I will. I will ask my BF to come. Israt will also come and see and my father will be my BF. Then what will he do alone? At the end he will sit with you and have coffee."

"Wow! Good idea. This is not my target golden sister."

"So tell me now what to eat?"

"That's what you eat."

"I won't eat anything now. I'll go now."


Rifah stood up.

"Oh yes brother I am helping you. Give me some money for this."

"How do you say you will do something for your brother and take the money?"

"What kind of brother did you say sister is helping and will not give anything in return!"

"Well, take 1 thousand rupees."

Rifah took the money and left.

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