Blue Island Love (Part - 6) Romantic Love Story

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Ronnie said, "Have you come to buy a sari?"


"For whom?"


Ronnie pointed to a sari and said, "That sari is a black sari. You'll love it if you wear it."

Ronnie grabbed the sari from Israt and said, "You fair-skinned people make you very beautiful."

Israt took the sari in her hand and said, "Hmmm beautiful sari. Well bought this. Why are you here in the sari shop?"

"He will buy a sari from me."

"Wow, that's good. Buy it."

Ronnie thought to himself, "It's not good. I'm buying a sari for you today."

Ronnie called Rifah. Rifah came over and said, "Did you buy Israt sari?"

"Hmm, what do you do now?"

"I'm going to buy shoes."

"Shoes that shoe-buyers bring."

"All right, Tata."

Ronnie said, "Why the shoemaker?"

"And don't tell me, brother Israt doesn't have 13-14 pairs of shoes. He's going to buy shoes again."

"Hobby or buying shoes!"

"Yeah buy shoes every month."

"I'll buy her a lot of shoes when she has a BB."

"Look, brother, he didn't come near you and you're married. Let's buy a sari."

In the afternoon Ronnie is sitting on the verandah. Chicken fry in his hand. Now he saw Israt going in a rickshaw with a boy. He stopped eating and called Rifah. Rifah called and said, "What happened brother?"

"Who did this Israt go in the rickshaw with?"

"Oh with Shawkat."

"Who is Shawkat?"

"Our friend. Brother, don't think about this. Israt and Shawkat are very good friends."


Ronnie left the phone and looked back and saw Ayesha eating his chicken fry. Ronnie said, "Why are you eating? Can't I bring you!"

"What did you bring today? Who is Brother Israt?"


"But I will hear everything from Rifah Apur."

"That's what I'm saying."

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