Blue Island Love (Part - 5) Romantic Love Story

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Rifah and Ronnie went to the restaurant according to the plan. Rifah's BF. Rifah said, "Look at that Israt, your brother-in-law has come. I didn't know. You stay, I will go."

Israt said, "What am I going to do alone now?"

Rifah looked around and said, "Look, brother has come. You have an acquaintance with brother. Whatever time you spend. I'll give him some time."

Israt went to Ronnie without thinking what to do now. Israt is standing. Ronnie said, "Are you here?"

Israt looked at Rifah and was surprised and said, "I met Rifah and he was seen. And I am alone."

"Oh no problem. Why are you standing? Sit down."

Israt sat down. Ronnie was looking at Israt. Israt said, "Your sister forcibly brought me today. Now look at me."

"Tell me what else to do? That's it. I'll order coffee."

"Here's how you know I'll have coffee."

"You can tell by the look on your face that you love coffee."

Ronnie is looking at Israt again and again. Israt noticed that very well.

Israt came home fresh and went to the verandah. He looked down and saw Ronnie. He was talking on the phone. He wanted to meet Rifah.

The next day Rifah met Ronnie. Ronnie said, "What else can I do?"

"Listen, brother, you do one thing. You go to Israt to learn art."

"Will you teach art at this age?"

"Brother Israt teaches art to people of all ages."



"Teach me?"

"Yes, then you will be more free. There will be friends, then there will be between the two."

Ronnie said, "Really?"

"Yes brother. I'm arranging to tell Israt. But brother ..."

"But what again."

"Should I just do this or not. Don't give up."

"How much?"

"Let's go to the body shop. Real Jamdani will buy it."

"Are you going to get married after Real Jamdani or not!"

"Tell me, brother, why should I get married! I will go to Manu Apar's wedding. If you don't buy it, but I will say such a bad thing to Israt in your name."

"All right, let's go."

Ronnie went to the sari shop with Rifah. When he saw Israt there, he saw Israt. Ronnie said, "Look at that Israt."

Going to Israt, Rifah said, "Oh Israt, my call has come. Let me talk a little."

In fact, there was no call from Rifahar.

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