Blue Island Love (Part - 7) Romantic Love Story

Ronnie is sitting quietly and chatting. Ronnie said, "Suppose you come here now with pencil shoes on your feet, blue sari on your body, leaving long long hair and stealing blue with both hands. What would you say?"

Calm down, "Great!"

Ronnie looked at Dan. At first his eyes fell on his feet. What a beautiful pencil shoe he was wearing! I don't know, I think this will bring this style. "

Ronnie said, "I swear I don't know anything. I just said I like it."

Shant said, "Wow, your love is 100% true."

Ronnie said, "Wait, I'll push whatever I want."

Ronnie is walking out of the phone looking at the phone. He bumped into Israt. Israt couldn't control himself after pushing and Ronnie grabbed him with one hand. Ronnie is looking at Israt. Israt is also looking at Ronnie. Is he looking calm and silent? Beautiful romantic story. Ronnie said, "You took my heart, what can I do without you. I love you."

Israt said, "What are you talking about?"

Ronnie left Israt and said normally, "No, where did I say that?"

"But you're hiding something."

"No, I didn't hide anything."

Israt didn't say anything. He just looked at Ronnie for a few seconds and left. Ronnie was watching Israt leaving. He came to Ronnie calmly and quietly.

Ronnie said, "Where?"

Silent said, "Under the open sky."

Ronnie looked silently and said, "Why?"

Silent said, "I think you have to go under the open sky to fall in love."

Ronnie said, "Are you gone?"

Silent said, "Yes Gessie."

They walked under the open sky. Shant said, "Look how big is the limitless sky. May your love be so limitless."

Israt is sitting alone in silence. Rifah sat down next to him and said, "Israt, you look heavy."

Israt did not look at Rifah but said, "This is a truth."

"Is that true?"

"Does your Ronnie brother love me!"

"What did you say, brother?"

"He said in a daze. He said that you have done my heart, what can I do without you. I love you. I said what you are saying. And he says that nothing. Tell the truth."

"Hmm. Brother seems to like you and loves you."

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