Blue Island Love (Part - 9) Romantic Love Story

Israt said, "Are you?"

"Yes I am."


"I love you."

"If I shoot."

"Give it to me. I'll do it myself."

Israt took out the knife and gave it to Ronnie. Ronnie took the knife in his hand and started writing. Israt looked at Ronnie well and wrote, "I love you Israt. I can't live without you."

Israt snatched the knife from Ronnie's hand and said, "What are you doing?"

"Give me the pistol."

"What to do with the pistol?"

"I'll kill myself."

Israt took a scarf out of his bag and wrapped it around Ronnie's hand and said, "You've cut too much. I don't think you should wear a scarf. And go to the hospital."

Israt began to say softly, "And listen, my pistol is not real. I have kept this toy pistol to protect myself which looks like real. But the knife is real."


"Go to the hospital. I'll go now."

Israt left. Ronnie's head was spinning. He fainted as soon as he looked at Shantar.

Israt came home and sat on the bed. He came to Rifah and said, "What happened to Kiri?"

"What did your Ronnie brother do. Yes, I've never seen so many crazy boys around me."

"What did you do, brother?"

"Go and see what he has done. Calm down at home that year."

"Quiet brother's house?"


Rifah hurried to Shantar's house. He was knocking on the gate. Shantar's wife opened the gate and Rifah said, "Is Ronnie brother here?"

"Yes there is."

Rifah went to Ronnie. He looked at Ronnie and said, "What happened to the same brother? Did you fight?"

Shant said, "No fighting, your brother was testing love. So he wrote with a knife in his hand, 'I love you, Israt. I can't live without you.'

Ronnie closed his eyes. Without opening his eyes, he said, "If he still doesn't understand my love, I'll stand on the railroad."

Rifah said, "What are you talking about, brother! If you are crazy!"

"Who made your girlfriend crazy?"

Rifah consoled Ronnie and said, "Hey brother don't think so much. Israt will be yours."


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