Blue Island Love (Part - 8) Romantic Love Story

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Israt said, "Oh, that means everything is your plant. This day, breaking glasses, going to restaurants, taking Facebook IDs from you and going to sari shops are all plants!"

"No, Israt, not everything. The day you first broke your glasses, the first time you saw him. Then the brother thought you had no more glasses. He bought the glasses thinking he was a criminal. I gave. "

"And he said that I saw on Facebook that your ID was given to you, so I understood that it is your ID. But I don't know that you gave the ID."

"Don't be angry Israt."

Israt said nothing and came back to the place where Ronnie was chatting. Ronnie was sitting there with friends. Israt stood in front of Ronnie. Ronnie stood in front of Israt. Ronnie said, "Are you here?"

"What are you saying to Rifah?"

"I tell Rifah a lot. Which one are you talking about?"

"What are you talking about me?"

"Guys, what class do you study in. You didn't take a subject even though you were a best friend. But your subject is great!"

"What else are you saying? Do you love me?"


Israt took a knife out of his bag and grabbed Ronnie's shirt collar with one hand and said, "What are you looking at?"

Ronnie thought to himself, "Will you kill the girl or not!"

Israt said, "Why are you silent? He told the whole truth."

Ronnie is silent. Israt pulls out a pistol and says, "Are you still lying?"


"Tell the truth."

"Hmmm love a lot."

"And if I ever see it like this, I'll shoot. And if I see these two, I'll kill them."

Shant came forward a little and said, "Don't beat me. If I die, my wife will become a widow."

Nirab said, "Only your wife will be a widow, my wife will be a widow."

Ronnie's throat went dry. He was silent. Israt left him. He came calm and silent. Nirab said, "Brother, let this girl go."

Ronnie went home without saying anything.

After 5 days

Ronnie's mind is no longer obeying. Nothing feels good. He persuaded the quiet and silent to go to Israt by saying a lot. An hour later Israt came. Ronnie blocked Israt's way.

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