Blue Island Love (Part - 10) Romantic Love Story

Rifah said, "What did you do with your hand?"

"I also wanted to stab him in the throat."

"Brother, don't be mad."

Ronnie opened his eyes and said, "Israt, where is Israt?"

"At home."

"Why at home?"

"If you don't stay at home, where will you stay, brother?"

"Oh yes. Stay home."

"Brother, you rest. I'll go."

"Yeah. And keep an eye on him so that nothing happens to him."

"Hey, nothing will happen."

Rifah stood up .. Shantar came here with tea in hand. Seeing Rifah standing, he said, "Are you leaving or not?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Have some tea."

"Not today."

Ronnie came out for two days. He was walking along the road. He met Israt. Ronnie blocked Israt's way. Israt said, "What's the matter, you blocked the way!"

Ronnie didn't say anything. Just stared. Israt said again, "What's the matter, leave the path."




Israt moved Ronnie a little. Ronnie looked and saw Israt going.

Israt went to campus. He saw Ronnie there too. He went to Ronnie and said, "Why am I where you are?"

"Hey, that's it. You're where I am."

Israt was leaving without saying anything. At this time Ronnie said, "If you don't understand, I will go and stand on the railway line."

Israt turned again and stood up to Ronnie, "What do you say?"


Israt said to Rifa, "This is your brother following me."

"Brother, I will follow you."

"Neither do you. Sister is like brother."

A few days later .........

Israt liked Ronnie well. But I can't say. What to say now! Israt will call Rifah. Israt called Rifah. Rifah came to him and said, "What should I say!"

"What more can I say."

"Tell me."

"Well Ronnie really loves me!"

"Oh got it."


Rifah called Ronnie. Ronnie called and said, "Did I call this time?"



"Israt likes you."


"Yes, but there are conditions."

"What condition?"

"I will meet Israt tomorrow and tell him what condition I am telling you."

Rifah hung up.

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