Blue Island Love (Part - 12) Romantic Love Story

A little later Israt came. Israt said, "What?"


"Then let's go."

Israt was leaving. Ronnie took Israt's hand and said, "Where are you going?"

"Over there?"

"You will go with me today."


"Under the open sky."


"If you fall in love, you have to go under the open sky."

Israt took Ronnie's hand and started walking. Israt said, "So! Who told you?"

"Silent said."

"Oh come on."

Ronnie and Israt went to the forest. Ronnie said, "Look at the beautiful sky."

"Hmmm. Let's go to the restaurant."

"Come on."

While eating chicken fry, Israt said, "Sometimes I lose my appetite for rice. I don't want to eat at all. Then I want to eat empty chicken."

"Oh, I don't want to eat rice right now!"

"No, I'm eating like that now."

"Oh well."

Israt finished eating. Israt said, "Well listen, I have to go now."

"Will you go now?"

"I have tuition. I have a few minutes to go."

"Well I'll get you there."

"Come on."

Israt returned home in the evening. As soon as he entered the house, Rifah said, "Come and sit down. What will you eat? What will you eat? What will you give me if you like tea or coffee? Where is my brother?"

Israt took the phone out of his bag and said, "Ji Nanad, I will have coffee today.

"Hmm, what a mess! My brother's marriage to you in two days. I'll tell you what."

"Well, I'm fresh. You make coffee."

Israt is drinking coffee. Rifah said, "Where is Gesili?"

"In the forest."

"Oh well."


"I'm done eating. Let's sit down to read."


Israt is reading. Data was on. A message came. Ronnie gave a message.

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