Blue Island Love (Part - 11) Romantic Love Story

Israt was walking down the street. With Rifah. Ronnie blocked Israt's way. Israt said, "Are you here!"

"Yes, I will."


"The moon, the sun, the earth, the mountains, these three friends of mine, my sister Rifah, all testify and swear in my heart that I will never hurt you. I will give you whatever you want, but I only want you. I need you." If I am burnt to ashes in the fire, I will not let you go near the heat of the fire.

I will be the thread that will enlighten you and burn itself

I'll be the boat that sinks in you. "

Israt just stared and listened. Ronnie said, "Look, I'm really in love."

Israt came a little closer. He was looking at Ronnie. Ronnie said, "I'm telling the truth."

Israt was leaving without saying anything. Ronnie grabbed Israt's hand. He said, "Why are you leaving? Say something. Say yes / no."

"Tell me?"

"Say yes."

"Unless I say so!"

"I have to say no."

"What if I say no?"

"What's next, I'll stand on the railroad in time."

Rifah stepped forward and said, "No, brother, I won't let you go anywhere."

Ronnie hasn't let go of Israt yet. Israt said, "Rifah, you're what I'm coming for. And tell your friends to go too."

Ronnie looked at his friends and said, "Here you go. What do you see!"

Everyone left. Israt said, "Let go."

Ronnie said more firmly, "Say no first."

"I won't tell if you don't let go."

Ronnie let go of his hand and said, "Tell me now."

Israt hugged Ronnie. Ronnie hugged Israt without thinking what to say. Rifah was watching everything in secret. He was watching everything calmly and silently. Israt left Ronnie and left. Ronnie was standing. Silent came to Ronnie. Called calmly. Ronnie didn't hear, he was in deep thoughts. Silent pushed Ronnie a little harder. Ronnie's thoughts disappeared. Ronnie said, "Let's go."

Silent said, "Where?"

Ronnie said, "Under the open sky."

Shant said, "Shall we go today or not! Today you will go with Bhabhi. Bhabhi is now on campus. You go."

Ronnie went to campus. He saw Israt chatting with his friend. Ronnie called Rifah. Rifah took the call and said, "Yes brother I am coming."

"You don't tell Israt to come."

"Hey, I'll go after him later."

Rifah went to Ronnie. Rifah said, "Brother."



"Tell me what?"

"I won't take anything today. Just eat."

"Well, don't eat. Call him."

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