Blue Island Love (Part - 13) Romantic Love Story

Israt replied, "Say Hmm."

"What are you doing?"


"I think I was disturbed."

"No, that's fine. Well, I'll knock if it's free."

"All right."

Israt finished reading and called Ronnie. Ronnie called and said, "Reading complete?"


"Well say a poem! Romantic."

"I can only one poem." Eternal love.

"Say oh."

"I love you

Hundreds of times

From generation to generation, from age to age.

Hearts fascinated forever

Built lyric,

How many forms are you wearing around your neck,

He took the gift

From generation to generation, from age to age. "

Ronnie heard the poem and said, "Open up the beautiful poem."

"Rabindranath. I like it very much."

"Oh. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hmm. In the afternoon."


"I put the phone down now."

"All right."

Israt is coming out the next afternoon. Standing at the gate. Ronnie came with the bike. Ronnie said, "Get up."

Israt got on the bike and said, "Where are you going?"

"Let's go where the mind wants."

"But I will not go to Kashaban today."

"All right, let's go."

Ronnie took Israt far away. He took her to the river bank. Ronnie said, "I like the place!"

Israt said, "Hmm maybe. Well let's go to the park."

"Shall I go now?"

"Hmmm, let's go."

Israt and Ronnie went to the park. Ronnie said, "Your birthday on the 15th!"


"Hmm, it's good."

"Well, listen, let's go to Kashaban."

"No, I won't go."

"Hey, let's go."

Ronnie took Israt in his arms. Israt said, "I will not go. I told him I will not go to Kashaban today. If you don't lower me, I won't talk for 1 month."

Ronnie lowered Israt. Israt is very angry. Israt was going the other way in anger. Ronnie is also going backwards.

"Listen, don't bite me, don't even bite me with my nails. I will not disobey you anymore. I promise I will listen to you."

Ronnie pulled Israt's veil and said, "Please don't be angry, Janu."

Israt looked at Ronnie and said, "Leave the veil."


"Let go."

Ronnie dropped the scarf. Israt took Ronnie's hand and said, "Come on."


"In the forest."

"You didn't do it again."

"I didn't want to go then. Now I want to."

"All right, let's go."

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