Hurt A Love - Nilima Love Story

- I'm leaving. (Nilima) - hmm. (I) - Be good? (Nilima) - Well. (I) That was the last time we had these words. Despite much love, I could not stop him that day. The reason is my age. When he was married, I was not 5 and he was not. Then I was just admitted to the first semester of Diploma. And his marriage was right right then. No, it would be wrong to say. A long time ago. Before the relationship and me It was said that but I did not believe. But now I understand that the word was honest. Still, we chose that road. No, it wasn't timepass. That was the love of Satika. I am very young then. So much Could not do So everything was not emotional but I did not love him, still love him. , Let's start from the first !!! I am Sanvi Ahmed Shakib. Currently write the story. But there is a reason behind it. That's Nilima. One day he told me that I would be your story as long as you were. Yes this is why Nilima is just in my story. , Is there a story behind my story? Listen ?? Let's say, I suddenly got a post to wander on Facebook. Love story I read the story was a very good story. From then on I used to read stories sometimes How do they write such big stories. It was quite curious that day. Then a separate group A add was not too writer. I used to copy the story. Yes I used to copy one day too. One day after copying the story at 5 o'clock, I was caught in the hands of a writer. He spoke a lot that day. For example, why not do the copy of others? If Abal Polapan can write yourself. Something like this. Starting from that day. I remember the first story. Those who read very bad comments. No one was like correcting my mistakes. Slowly I wrote the story in my own efforts. From day after day I used to read this story from today's Sunvi. Thanks to the author for whom I write too. , I was annoyed by the story of writing my story. Sorry for that. Now let's go back to the story. , My acquaintance with Neelima is on Facebook. I didn't think he was introduced to him in that way and I was introduced to anyone like this. The message was a friend who was a girl friend. He was responding. Slowly I found out that IData was giving her friend to run her. , Then I took all his information from my friend. I found out that he also loved to read the story. , Yes, this is how our friendship began. Not only 22 days later we realized that we were loving each other a lot. I was proposed that day. A girl is not even recognized at all, but believes I recognized her in that 22 days. He was saying many times that he was married to me. I didn't believe I was forcing him. Once upon a time he agreed not to the force of my own love. , Thus, about 6 months passed. Yes, the relationship was our 6 months then all became random. The one whom his marriage was back in the country. He married Nilima. Not abroad in their home. The first words happened that day. , A month before her marriage she used to talk less to me. Because he was trying to spend Maya or could not. Believe me I used to cry every night. I do not count how many times I've been talking to God. He didn't give I got up at midnight and praying Tahajjud. During the prayer, the eyes used to fall in the eyes through the eyes. The jinnas would not be wet with the mind of God. I do not know what the fault I did for whom God was so reluctant to me. After that day I was giving up prayers. I wished again and again that I could not die. Every time his smile sounds in my ear. I loved his smile more than him. The smiling smile that I heard from the edge of the phone would think Like this, I will spend the whole world after hearing his smile. Butt is no longer communicating after her marriage. I used to think about him every day. If I remember him, the water would come to my eyes. Still come I was loved at an unprecedented age that I am still giving the result. That is how I live with his picture of his words. , Four years later today. I work in a private primary school. Even though I got a better job after diploma, I wanted an innocent life. If you are with such an innocent baby, I will not suffer anymore. , Today is going to take classes on the first day. In the class a sweet boy looked at me and said, - are you the new teacher? (The boy) The youngest boy. Will be three years old. When I saw the boy, I picked it up. I felt like I was from inside me. The boy felt very much like his own blood. I said, - What's the name your uncle? (I) - My name is Sanvi? (The boy) After hearing the name Sanvi, I remembered that I told him our son's name would be Sanvi. , Today I got another sunvi wow. - My name is also Sanvi. (I) Suddenly a girl from behind said, - But he is very wicked. Burning you so much? (The girl) I heard the voice and looked back. It's what I see .. Nilima is here. That means this is his son. I think I didn't recognize. I'm just recognizing it. - Ammu Jano's Uncle's name is also Sanvi? (Boy) Hearing the name Sanvi, his face faded. I'm quietly. - How are you? (Nilima) - Hmm well you are fine. And your son but Vision Cute? (I) - The name of your name. (Nilima) - Hmmm. (I) - So getting married? (Nilima) - Nah it won't be with me. (I) - Why? (Nilima) - That's it. I do not want to embarrass him because he says. - Write the story yet? (Nilima)

- Yes. (I)

- Didn't find the new heroine of the story? (Nilima)

- Don't want to find. (I)


I came to the washroom so no water was coming.

It's nice to see that face again.

Never thought it would ever see this way.

But I will not be here anymore.

I know I can't handle myself if here.

And maybe he can't.

I left at night to an unknown destination.

Maybe suddenly you will meet again someday.

Well, Nilimara.

And we will be fine because you are good.

Maybe suddenly you will meet again someday.

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