"Facebook Love" Real Life Story

Nishi: Now you don't give pictures?

Russell: No. It's not possible.

Nishi: I'm telling you

Give me a picture of you

Then I make you mine too

I will give pictures.

Russell: No, I don't

How many times do I say a little to see

Not beautiful. Still you want pictures again and again


Nishi: I want more.

I will ask a hundred times, I will ask a hundred times.

Russell: You have more messages for me

Not today. And I'm after today

I will not come to Facebook anymore

That's why Russell goes offline

Nishi sent a lot of messages

But no reply came.

Nishi was very upset.

Nishi and Russell's identity

On Facebook. Lots of each other

Love. But someone

Didn't see. Not seeing each other

Love. Watching every day

For Russell's talk with Nishi

There is a fight. But Russell's picture

Not willing to give. Because Russell

Not so beautiful to look at

The family situation is also high

Not good. So Russell Nishir

Doing so with.

About three days later Russell was on Facebook

Ducal. Duke saw Nishi around 40 o'clock

Messages above. Read the messages too

Russell was surprised.

"If you don't talk to me, I will

I will die. I will go to college

No. I don't eat all day

I will not eat anything. Again

Nishi also has his phone number

Gave "

This kind of message. Russell too

Became worried. Nishio almost

1 day ago Offline. I don't know what

He sat madly. Finally

His for Russell Nishi's news

Calls the number.

Russell: Hello, who?

Nishi: Man. Who are you?

Russell: I'm Russell.

Nishi: And you. I am Nishi. How

Are you

Russell: Good. You're with me

Can I meet you?

Nishi: Why can't I? Of course

I can.

And after talking for a while, leaving the phone

Dil. The real purpose is to see

To end all relations with Nishi.

Russell knew Nishi Russell

Will never like to see.

And so everything in advance

See you tomorrow to solve


See you later ...

Russell sits at a table in the park

There is a girl again and again

Looking at. Because the girl

It was so beautiful that Russell's eyes

Can't return

He is looking at that girl with his eyes. Many

Has come in a beautiful hijab.

After a while the girl is out of the bag

Take out the phone and call someone


Russell was startled. His mobile

The girl turned around and looked

Towards Russell. Towards two

Looking. I mean the girl

No one. And Nishi. Nishi slowly

Slowly he came forward towards Russell.

Nishi: Are you Russell?

Russell: Frightened, he said yes, I am.

Nishi: (very angry) it's yours

Why this situation?

Russell: I've said it before

I am very poor. I see

Not good.

Nishi: That's why this condition?

What is it? Why sandal shoes?

Russell: I have a pair of shoes

There are no other shoes.

Nishi: And are you wearing this shirt?

Is it out of bed


Russell: This is my college dress.

And this is my good clothes.

Nishi: I mean ?? College dress. This

You won't say another word. Right now

Get out of here. Get out of here


Listen to Russell's words and stay

Couldn't. Tears in my eyes

The man who reads him the most

That man loved more

Insulted him so much. The words

Thinking and crying. One of the roads

Russell is walking along the shore.

It could not be born beautiful

What's wrong with me? And on earth

Not everyone can be rich anymore.

Thinking of words and hands

Wiping away tears.

After a while .... from the back of the shirt

Hold the collar.

Get in the car.

Russell: You?

Nishi: Yes, I am. First in a rickshaw

Get up.

Nishir got on the Russell rickshaw

Sat next to

Nishi: Why are you crying?

Russell: That's it.

Nishi: Someone is crying like this again


Russell: Nothing.

Nishi: I said a little angry

Say you will leave from there?

Russell: Hmm. And put me down

Let me go home?

Nishi: To meet when you go home

Why did you say that?

Russell: You see me

I wanted to meet you

I already knew you

Don't like me at all. And now

That's what happened.

Nishi: An insult a little while ago

But now by pushing

I will throw it on the road from the rickshaw.

So as to fall under the car and die.

Russell: Drop it. Ours

Like the poor should die.

Nishi: Not in life. I.

I won't let you die. If you die

Will I survive or not?

I'm going to die.

Russell: You mean?

Nishi: I mean you

Love and the rest of life

I will love you.

Russell: Are you crazy? Where?

Where are you and me?

Nishi: I look at your face

I don't love your money

I don't love. Your shirt

Not even the clothes. So are you

No. I'm just your beautiful mind


Russell: No, no. It's impossible.

Nishi is slowly getting very angry.

It looks red like fire

Going. As if swallowing.

Nishi: Now but really

I will push and throw.

Russell: Throw it away.

Suddenly he hugged Russell

Nishi sat down with a kiss on the cheek.

Russell is completely surprised. Russell

He is looking. Nishi with both hands

He hid his face.

Russell: Really me. Russell: Really me


Nishi: Hmm.

Russell: Won't you leave?

Nishi: I will go.

Russell: Then love


Nishi: Are you mine at the time of death?

Can you go with me? Then

I have to leave.

Russell could not say anything this time.

To hug Nishi and cry

It looked.

Nishih is done. Now let's do something

Let's eat.

Russell: Why? Something from home

Didn't eat?

Nishi: You didn't read my message?

Russell: Yes, I'm reading. Oma you

Haven't eaten anything yet.

Nishi: No. I will eat with you.

Something for you before that

Need to shop.

Russell: But to me that

No money.

Nishi: To tell this truth

So I love you so much

Love stupid boy

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

All your money.

Water again with Russell's eyes

If you like it


Really something to be poor in life

It doesn't matter what you can't do ..

But love to everyone

Big deal found..and those

They know how to love people

The rich never find the poor ... they

Just looking for love ..

There are two types of love. One

Another mind with appearance

With the love of appearance

Disappears with appearance.

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