Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Last Part- 8)

Everything was fixed for Mrinmoy's wedding and shopping was done. And only a few days after the marriage. Shuvro went into a little depression. He fell in love with Mrinmoy. But now that they both love each other, there is nothing to say about it.

In the afternoon, Sadiq came out with his bike in a very happy mood. A few days later, he got married. He was fascinated by Mrinmoy's thoughts. Sadiq didn't notice any side. Mrinmoy became unconscious to Sadiq. Mrinmoy could not control himself seeing the people he loved in front of his eyes.

When Mrinmoy regained consciousness, he saw her in the hospital. At once he thought of Sadiq. Mrinmoy came out of the room and saw someone's body covered with white cloth. Mrinmoy's parents were all standing there. Then the words floated in front of his eyes when Sadiq had an accident in front of his eyes. Mrinmoy became unconscious again.

When Mrinmoy regained consciousness, he was at home. Hridi called Shuvro. Shuvro picked up the phone and said, "Hmmm."

"Brother, will you meet me now?"


"Yes brother very much needed."

"All right, come on."

Hridi went to meet Shuvro

Shuvro said, "Brother, you love Mrinmoy."

"Hmmm. But Mrinmoy will get married."

"Yes, I will get married. I will be with you."

"You mean?"

"I mean, Sadiq's brother died in a road accident today."

"Say what! Look I love Mrinmoy but I never wanted it."

"Brother, everyone has been invited. Now you will get married. And explain to Mrinmoy."


Shuvro went to Mrinmoy without a moment's delay. He sat next to Mrinmoy and said, "Mrinmoy."

"Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I agree. But I never wanted it. I want you to spend your whole life with Sadiq."

"That's what destiny is all about. It is said that marriage cannot be talked about but it will be together. Even if two people love each other, it will be marriage. It is not marriage. Even if it is marriage, it will be marriage."

"Mrinmay, don't be upset. Now you have to accept what God is doing. I am willing to do everything for you."

"Let's go far."

"Come on."

A few days later, Shuvro got married to Mrinmoy. Then Ayman also got married to Hridi. Marriage, birth and death are in the hands of Allah.

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