Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Part- 7)

Mrinmoy said, "Even if he loves me, there is no benefit. We both love each other very much."

"Hmmm that's it Ray. And I'm leaving tomorrow."

"Going tomorrow?"

"Hmm, Ayman has an interview tomorrow."

"Oh, that's good."

"Hmmm. Well you're very tired. I'll bring you some tea."


Mrinmoy started thinking about Sadiq. But the white man is not bad either. He is a simple minded person.

While sleeping at night, the two fell asleep talking a lot.

In the morning, Ayman was ready to go for the interview. The job was also done. Ayman got a good job. Ayman called Hridi first of all. Hridi picked up the phone and said, "Tell me what happened."

"What's next!"

"You mean?"

"I mean, I got the job."

He hugged Mrinmoy happily and said, "Really?"

"Hmmm really. Look, I'll propose to you in a few days."

"I have kept the door of my mind open in that hope."

"All right."


Hridi said, "Ayman has got a good job."

"Oh, it's good. It's time to propose marriage."

"You will too, but white brother."

"I'll find a girl for him."

"That's right!"


The heart bag began to gossip. It will leave after a while.

Ayman saw the heart coming out. The heart said, "Are you here?"

"Yeah let's go somewhere."

"Come on."

Shortly after the heart came out, Sadiq brought his parents with him to Mrinmoy's house. Sadiq's mother told him everything. Shuvro had already informed about the incident. They came to teach Mrinmoy to Aunty. The Sadiqs left wearing earthy aunty.

The next day Ayman also went to Hridir's house to propose marriage. Since no one agreed to leave, everyone in Hridir's house agreed.

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