Blue Island Love (Part - 19) Romantic Love Story

Going to the front of Israt's house, he started calling Israt loudly. Israt came to the verandah and said, "What are you shouting about?"

"I love you Israt. I only want you. I want you only I want you and I don't get anything in life."

"Oh Salman Shah, I know you."

"How much do you know me! Did you know me in two days? You don't know much about my life history."

"Go guys go."

"I'll go and take you with me. I'll stand here and I'll stand here."

Lots of clouds in the sky from afternoon to night

It will rain at the moment. Ronnie did not go home. He is standing in front of the house. It rained after 10 o'clock at night. Ronnie did not go anywhere after that. It started getting wet. It rained all night. Ronnie got wet there all night. To get it. Still Israt didn't come. Ronnie was feeling very tired. Shant was going to the market. He stopped when he saw Ronnie.

"I will not go. I will not go without Israt."

"Look, your clothes are all wet."

"Let's not get wet. I will go with Israt."

Calm down and said nothing. He stood beside Ronnie. Ronnie's head was spinning. His eyes were dark.

Ronnie regained consciousness. Ronnie had a high fever. He muttered something without opening his eyes. He didn't understand what he was saying if he didn't go near. He went to Rifah and heard what Ronnie was saying. Ronnie muttered, Someone tell me I love. I love a lot. I can't anymore. I don't like anything. Rifah, this Rifah. "

"Tell me, brother."

"Has he come?"


"Since when will Bolis come and not come. I waited all night soaking wet but he didn't come."

"Brother, you eat now."

"If he feeds me, I will eat. If not, I will not eat. I will break it."

Rifah went home without saying another word.

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