Blue Island Love (Part - 18) Romantic Love Story

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Ronnie is sitting on the floor in one corner of the room with the door closed. It always seems as if Israt is calling to him. But Israt doesn't say anything. And Ronnie is getting very angry with Pinky.

Ronnie didn't sleep today either. He spent the whole night sitting on the floor. In this way, Ronnie's body will break down a lot more. After all, sleep is necessary. So he decided to put Ronnie to sleep.

In the morning calm and silent came to Ronnie's house. Ronnie's mother opened the gate. She went inside and said calmly, "Aunty Ronnie is not at home?"

"There's her room. Call her."

"Well Aunty. Did Ronnie sleep today!"

"How can I say that the gate of the room is closed. You call him."

Calm and silent Ronnie came to the gate and knocked. After a while Ronnie opened the gate. As soon as Ronnie opened the gate he sprayed. Then he put Ronnie on the bed and put a sheet on his body. What does Ronnie do? "

Silent said, "Sleeping."

"Oh get up now."

"No, Aunty, I have sprayed you to sleep for 7-8 hours. When you wake up, you will feed me. Now we go."

Ronnie woke up in the afternoon. Ronnie's mother prepared food and brought it for Ronnie.

Ronnie said, "Doesn't Mother Israt understand me?"

Mother put the food in her mouth and said, "Yes, Daddy said that he will come. He will give you a surprise. Now eat it. If you don't play, how can I stand in front of him! The condition of his face is dead. Make him look fresh.

"Well, why does Rifah come alone? He could have really taken Israt with him."

"Hmmm today. Don't eat."

"I'm eating. I've eaten a lot today. Give me water."

"Eat a little more."

This time Riffer entered Ronnie's room. Seeing Rifah, Ronnie said, "Where is this Israt? Why are you silent? Why is Mother Rifah not saying anything?"

Rifah said, "Brother Israt can't hear you. He gets angry. And then how will he come? You have been watching for a few days."

"Mother Rifah says all this! Why didn't you bring Israt? And you liar tell me a lie. Always tell me that none of you are good. Don't let Israt go. You are very bad."

Ronnie dropped the plate on the floor. He broke a lot these days.

He shouted, "I don't know anything. I want Israt. And I will bring Israt before you come out."

Ronnie grabbed Rifah's hand and pulled him out. Ronnie is now shouting everything. Rifah said, "Brother Israt, what can I do!"

"Why don't you come? You didn't know he wanted to come today. That's what I'm saying."

"Brother try to understand."

"No, I don't understand. You don't go, I go."

Ronnie came out.

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