Blue Island Love (Last Part - 20) Romantic Love Story

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Rifah is sitting quietly in front of Israt. Israt is also sitting depressed. Israt doesn't mind anything. He also thinks of Ronnie. But Israt misunderstands Ronnie.

After three days, Ronnie's fever subsided. Ronnie came out. He had no idea where he was going. He came to a stop on the bank of the river.

Rifah went in front of Israt and said, "Take this device."

"What am I going to do with it? Give him whose phone."

"What will happen to him? He's a lunatic. Does the lunatic call again?"

"Crazy, who's crazy?"

"Who is my 12-year-old brother again. Brother is not such a boy. You have misunderstood."

"What evidence do you have?"

"Oh, you need proof in everything lower. Here is the proof of this device. Alas, what happens to a person for love or not. In the end, he also becomes crazy. He will see a doctor soon and then send him to London with marriage. He has to go out. Your brother-in-law is waiting." For me. "

Rifah came out. Israt called. At first he saw his pic. Israt's pic on Ronnie's wallpaper. Israt's peak. Israt heard a recording. There was some talk of Rifah's quarrel with Pinky. Israt then realized that he was misunderstanding Ronnie. He felt very bad for himself. Israt went to Ronnie's house. He didn't find it there. He searched the whole city. But he didn't find it anywhere. Israt got tired. He started walking towards the river with his tired body. I've been looking for him for three hours. "

Ronnie looked at Israt in surprise and said, "Why are you looking for me?"

"I'm looking for you or who I'm looking for!"

Ronnie stood up and said, "But you are-"

"I'm sorry I misunderstood you, Ronnie. Forgive me."

"I forgive you every moment."

Israt hugged Ronnie and said, "It will never happen again. I won't believe anyone. Let's go now."


"Everyone says I will eat to my heart's content and you say my heart is full."

"Hey, my stomach will be full, but I will eat to my heart's content."

"Come on. I'll eat to my heart's content."

They began to unite again on the way to the next

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