Blue Island Love (Part - 17) Romantic Love Story

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Israt is standing on the verandah at 2 am and thinking about Ronnie. Meanwhile Ronnie is sitting in a corner of the verandah and repeatedly saying that he will go to Israt. Ronnie does not sleep properly. The whole house is busy. He doesn't eat properly. His parents are very tense with Ronnie.

He got up in the morning and went out. Ronnie's mother entered Ronnie's room and saw that Ronnie was not there. He searched the whole house. There was no name to eat. Ronnie started walking. Ronnie's mind gets very bad when he sees Isarat. He seems to have lost something, he didn't even get it. He stood for a while and left in the park. He was calm and silent in the park.

Ronnie said, "I went to Israt. But he ignored me."

Silent said, "Hey Israt will understand."

Ronnie said, "Where do you understand? Well listen let me be a little alone."

Silent face said sullenly, "You are always alone now. You are in a mood off. You are not smiling at all. You are making your face sullen."

Ronnie left the park without saying anything. He wanted a secluded place. There was no one there. Only he.

Silent and calm trying to keep Ronnie happy. But their attempt is failing. But how much Ronnie was a happy boy before.

Ronnie went to Kashabane. He remembered that one day Israt was angry about this and then he said yes. It's been a few days but Israt doesn't understand anything. Ronnie wants to explain again and again that he had no relationship with anyone before. This is fast.

When Ronnie returned home, it was 1 o'clock at night. His parents were still awake waiting for him.

Ronnie came to the table and threw all the food on the floor. Then he went to his room and locked the door. Ronnie's father said, "I talked to a doctor. If you don't see a doctor, Ronnie's mental condition will get worse day by day. I will send him to London after getting married. "

Ronnie's mother said, "Send the boy so far!"

"So what are you going to do? You're going to drive me crazy! You're going crazy."

Rifah was listening quietly. Ronnie's father said, "Didn't Rifah make the right decision!"

Rifah said, "Yes Uncle. I think the right decision."

"Well, you go to sleep. And Ronnie's mother, let's go to sleep."

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