Blue Island Love (Part - 15) Romantic Love Story

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The next day Israt came home. In the afternoon Israt went to the park. He saw Ronnie talking to someone. Israt took Ronnie's hand. The girl said, "Who cares?"

Ronnie said, "Yeah Pinky, I think so."

Pinky said, "How many numbers do you think?"

Israt said, "How many numbers do you mean?"

Ronnie said, "What the heck are you talking about! That's fast."

Israt said, "You better tell me how many numbers."

Pinky said, "What else can I say? Apu is on 12 allowance. She had a relationship with me 2 years ago. She broke up. She breaks up whenever she sees another girl. I don't know how many she did. If you don't believe me, I will prove it. I am big apu." I said it's better to feel good. "

Ronnie said, "Pinky, what do you want! Why did you lie like that?"

"I didn't lie," said Pinky.

Israt let go of Ronnie's hand and said, "Oh, I didn't know you were here. Your sister and you cheated on me. You'll never communicate with me again. In front of me. "

Israt left. Ronnie said to Pinky, "What have I done? I've never had a relationship with you! Why did I do that?"

"Remember you didn't accept me? I wanted you. You won't be mine. I won't give you to anyone else."

Pinky left. Ronnie sat quietly on the grass. She loves Israt a lot. She was watching everything from a distance. Silent and calm. She came closer and sat next to Ronnie and hugged Ronnie. Ronnie is sitting quietly.

Shant said, "We won't let go of that Pinky. Ronnie, you don't think anything, Israt will be yours."

Ronnie is not saying anything. Israt became very angry at home and started abusing Rifah by shouting. Rifah said, "What are you talking about, brother?"

Oh, why didn't your brother tell me about the 12 allowance? And if you ever take your brother's name in front of me, I will leave this house. And I will not have a relationship with you. "

Ronnie was brought to the house in silence. Ronnie is not saying anything. He is not moving. He is sitting quietly in his room. Silent and calm Ronnie's parents told him everything. Ronnie did not open his mouth. Mother said, "Dad, eat. What will happen if you don't play! Yes, Dad."

Ronnie is still silently looking at the other side. Ronnie's mother left with the plate.

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