Blue Island Love (Part - 16) Romantic Love Story

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Ronnie's mother started crying in this condition.

"In the brother's room."

Rifah entered Ronnie's room and saw Ronnie silently. Rifah called. Ronnie looked at Rifah. Rifah said, "Brother."

Ronnie said, "Won't he come!"


"When will he come. I'm waiting for him. Why are you alone, Ray? Have you left him?"

"Brother, he's home."

Ronnie said nervously,

"Why didn't you bring it? I'll go to him."


Ronnie left the house. Rifah went to Aisha and said, "Brother is mentally ill."

"Say what?"

"All right, I'll go with my brother and see what he does."

"Okay go."

Ronnie stood in front of Israt's house. He entered the house without seeing Israt on the verandah. Rifah also went back. Ronnie was knocking on the gate. Israt opened the gate and pulled it in with Rifah's hand.

Israt brought Rifah's hand into the room without hearing anything. Ronnie was standing in front of the gate. He noticed that the gate was not opening. It was 3 hours. Ronnie was sitting on the stairs. Ronnie kept looking at Israt. Israt went straight away. Ronnie started following Israt. Rifah stopped Ronnie and took him to calm and silent. Ronnie is sitting quietly. Silent and silent is also upset. But the gate did not open. Someone tried to open the gate, but Israt prevented him. Ronnie sat on the stairs all night. But Israt did not come. He went home in the morning. Ronnie's mother said, "Come on, Dad.

As soon as he saw the chicken curry on the table, Ronnie thought that Israt liked to eat chicken. Ronnie took the bowl of chicken and threw it on the floor. He also threw the plate of rice on the floor and went to his room and closed the door. "

Ronnie's mother didn't play. Dad ate as much as he ate. Mom sat down in front of the food. Ayesha ate. Rifah knocked on Ronnie's door and said, "Brother, open the gate, brother. That brother Israt will come, brother."

Ronnie did not open the gate. Rifah got up in the middle of the night and stood in front of Ronnie's room. The gate opened as soon as he put his hand on the gate. Ronnie was not in the room. Sleep will not come. Rifah woke up in the morning and went to the veranda of Ronnie's room and saw that Ronnie was not there. Rifah went home without delay. He saw Ronnie sitting on the stairs in front of the gate. Rifah sat next to Ronnie.

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