Red Pillow - Short Story

One Boy and one Girl Love each other very much. One day the boy went to the girl's house to meet the girl. Going home, the boy was very upset, because he saw that the girl had a (blue) pillow, but the boy had no pillow. 

So the boy told the girl what was on his mind: I want a little red pillow. The girl agreed. He said that after marriage the girl would make that tuktuke red pillow. But neither the boy nor the girl. So the girl started making pillowcases from that day. Ah, Shimul cotton tuktuke red kolbalish, who does not like.

Finally the wedding day of the boy and the girl came. The girl also took the pillow in her bag along with her belongings. In the middle of the night, when the girl took the pillow out of her bag, the boy could not accept it at all. The boy wanted a red pillow, and this was a dark pink pillow. So the boy said he did not want this pillow, he would stay without a pillow, and would not talk to the girl. 

The girl repeatedly tried to convince the boy that it was a red pillow, covered with a pink cover. But the boy did not understand it at all. This is how the night ends. After a while a sound came from outside and the boy left the house. After some time, the boy returned home and admitted his mistake. He said that both of them have the right to this pillow. But the girl did not agree to this. 

She says the boy has no right to this pillow. The boy then tried to convince the girl in various ways that he had made a mistake and that it would never happen again. Some nights the boy would lie down and cry, not sleep. But after doing so many things, the girl's mind did not melt.

Finally one day after the same sound came from outside the boy left the house, and never returned.

A few days later, it was found out that the boy was 'dead'. Then the girl started crying a lot and started blaming herself for all this. The girl could not do anything properly all day. Even at night, the girl could not sleep holding the pillow on her chest.

The next morning it was discovered that the boy was not dead. The boy returned to the girl, and they both confessed their mistake. The girl said that the boy has no right over the pillow from today. The boy said he had no right to the pillow, but he had the right to the girl. With that the boy kissed the girl and hugged her. 

The girl smiled, and said that from today on, both of them have the right to a pillow. The boy said that the red lap pillow on the girl's red lap would be more comfortable (incidentally the girl was wearing a red sari that day, and there was no cover on the lap). 

From then on, the boy would hug the girl and sleep, and during all the naughtiness, the pillow would hold the two of them in his arms. This is how the new life of this couple started.

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