Beautiful Life - Romantic Story

I proposed to a girl with a bowl of oil on her head that day. The girl's name is Rupa. She is not black at all. She is a little fairer than black. He is looking. And he is fixing the cover in an unprepared way again and again. Before I handed the flower to him that day, he left quickly. The flower was not given anymore.

The next day at the same time I stood on the same path again. A fresh rose in hand


"Leave me alone"

"Take the flower first"


"Where's the problem?" "Why are you silent? Answer me!"

Rupa said hesitantly

"Why would a boy as beautiful as you love me? There must be a mismatch somewhere."

I turned my face to the other side, smiled, looked at Rupa again and said with a rebuke

"Take it now. Otherwise I'll pick you up."

The threat was done. He took the flower in his hand and went to cut it. Before proposing, I was observing Rupa for a long time.

Rupa looks old-fashioned. The way he speaks, walks, doesn't mix easily with boys are all a little different.

Rupa goes to tuition through the road where I wait for Rupa. The next day after giving flowers, I did not see any more Rupa. I stood for a while. There is no name for Maharani to come.

The next day, the same wait again. After standing for a while, I met the Empress. Seeing Rupa, the inside seemed to twist. The heartbeat also increased. Agreed. The smile was a green signal!

I asked as I walked along with the silver

"Why didn't I see you yesterday? Were you busy?"


"What about?"

"Take yourself!"

"You mean?"

"Can't you see anything?"

I noticed that the silver hairs were flying in the wind.

"I understand he didn't pour oil today, did he?"


"Why not?"

"That's why boys like girls' flying hair."

I laughed a little

"Who said that?"

"My girlfriend"

The next day I noticed that the silver dress has changed. Slowly in the conversation and the touch of modernity. I am realizing the change of silver day by day.

I don't see Rupa giving oil like before. Even though she is in modesty, she is wearing some modern clothes. Everything seems to be upside down.

A few days later, I sent a marriage proposal to Rupa's house. My family background, my job, seeing all my things, Rupa's family accepted me.

On the night of the wedding, Rupa is standing by the window. Full moon. The light of the full moon is touching Rupa's body by touching the grill of the window.

Seeing me, Rupa said

"What do you want from me on such a special day?"

"My old silver"

Rupa said in surprise

"You mean?"

"I mean, it's very simple! I want the girl with the bowl of oil on her head, I want the girl in the loose clothes, I want the old-fashioned girl who talks and moves. Finally, I want to get my old silver back."

There are tears in Rupa's eyes. Rupa hugged me tightly and said

"I've changed so much for you. I thought if I was old you would be someone else. I thought you would never love me again. Forgive me."

He hugged Rupa more tightly

"Not all men are the same. Not everyone loves the look. Some men fall in love with the light pale color in the middle of black, some men fall in love with the look on their faces, some men suddenly show a smile is the only way to be happy forever. It makes sense. "

After 45 years of marriage, I also put oil on Rupa's head. When Rupa stares, I fall in love with Rupa. The girl's name may be Rupa but she is nothing but a piece of diamond for me.

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