Pride Girl Relation Story

The girl in the story is named Nabila.

This girl in the story comes to a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is for one of her girlfriend's sisters.

But since coming to the show ...

She can't do anything like that for a boy.

Because the boy is like eighteen behind him. Wherever he goes. That's where the boy goes after her.

(I think the boy .. even with a lot of abuse, he does not get peace of mind).

Not letting him be hidden from the boy's eyes for a while

(I kept saying to myself .. what did I do wrong to the boy. Why did he follow me)

As time goes on, he stays behind.

Sometimes keeping an eye on her ... she smiles.

Seeing this, Nabila burst into anger. Seeing that, the boy laughed with more fun. Seeing the boy, Nabila turned her nose and face red with anger.

Then you know what the boy did to make Nabila even more angry.!

Nabila looks at him and slaps him in the eye. Nabila gets more angry when she sees this ...

Then Nabila looks out at the boy ... gritting her teeth ... as if to eat the boy.

And the boy in the story ... keeps saying in his mind ... why don't you know me yet, angry virgin.

I'm your baboon ... why am I hitting the tank with you

And why are you so angry ...

Come closer and you will know the reason.


Shortly after that, the call to prayer was recited.

Then Nabila went to pray.

After the prayers, find the silent rainbow on Facebook. But there is no news of the silent rainbow. There is no answer to the message he gave.

Because the silent rainbow is haughty with him. The silent rainbow said to meet him for a while.

But Nabila did not meet him.

So Nabila doesn't pick up any phone out of arrogance. When she massages, she doesn't answer her.


Knowing that the silent rainbow will not give a massage, Nabila gives a massage again.

Silent rainbow ... Silent rainbow you won't talk to me! Don't pick up my phone! Do not reply to the message.!

I haven't talked to you for four days now. So I don't like anything. Don't you understand! I miss you so much every moment.

Why are you bothering me so much? I will tell you the reason why you are suffering

Hey ... you don't know the silent rainbow! I can't stay a day without hearing your voice.

Please pick up my phone.

After sending the message, Nabila started crying silently.

I kept saying in my mind .. Tell me what to do, I don't have the courage to tell you. I didn't tell you that I came to this house. So I couldn't tell you anything and I couldn't show you. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

He started shedding tears


After Nabila left, I (the silent rainbow) went to pray.

This boy is none other than Nabila's silent rainbow. At the end of the prayers, the silent rainbow keeps looking at a picture of Nabila on Facebook.

Because once you look into Nabila's eyes, you can't look away.

That much Maya in his eyes.

Nabila falls in love with this silent rainbow of black eyes.

While looking at the picture, the message comes. After reading the message, he looks at the blue sky ... the silent rainbow.


Nichchup Rangdhanu got acquainted with this Nabila on Facebook. Nichchup Rangdhanu used to write on Facebook.

Nabila likes a story on a page. Then she finds him with great difficulty ... Nabila wants to be a friend.

He doesn't.

But Nabila must be a friend. Then Nabila says everything about him and gives him many pictures and a silent rainbow. Then he agrees.


Then slowly come closer ... feel better ... feel better

From. A little love.

With a little love. Their new path begins ...

He used to tell stories of sorrow and laughter of two people, he used to tell stories of laughter and joy.

Sometimes they would get angry and arrogant. That's how they spent their days. Sometimes Nabila would talk about giving her pictures.

Then he would tell the man what to do with the picture.

Thus, their days were going well through sharing and caring.


Suddenly the rainbow's cousin's marriage was settled. The night before the wedding

Nabila died in a road accident after dreaming of a silent rainbow (Arman).

He looked at his watch and saw that it was still late at night. He could not sleep that night. The next morning he called Nabila to see her.

But Nabila did not meet. How can she meet? She is not in her house. And the silent rainbow did not say anything about it ...

If the silent rainbow is angry. But because of not seeing him, he is arrogant with Nabila and suffers a lot.

Nabila kept saying in her mind what she wanted to say if she didn't listen to me once.

He has not had any contact with Nabila so far.

Nabila wipes her eyes and waits for the silent rainbow's message with the phone in her hand. But the message doesn't come anymore.

Get out of the room and walk around to feel a little better.

Suddenly I remembered the boy. The boy is no longer following him and is not seeing the boy anywhere.

She goes around looking for the boy like him ... because that's why he treated her like that

To know that.

He didn't feel well even after walking around. He wants to cry a lot now.

Because the silent rainbow can't talk.

What is the silent rainbow doing .. where is it ... how is it ... he doesn't know anything.

So he came to the side of the house to stay alone. He was surprised to come to the side of the house because the boy was the one who set him on fire.

Seeing that, the boy is looking at that blue sky with one glance.

Then Nabila calls out that she is listening.!

Tears well up in Nabila's eyes as she looks back.

He is also surprised to see Nabila. Because Nabila's eyes were also swollen.

Nabila called from behind but (the silent rainbow) did not stand.


He has not been seen in front of Nabila since that time. Nabila did not find him much. The boy was talking to his girlfriend when he saw Nabila at night.

Then he didn't get a chance to say anything else, just listening to them.

But the boy's voice sounded very familiar to him.

It seems to him that he has heard this voice somewhere else

But I don't think so.


Then at about 11 o'clock in the night he came to the roof looking for the boy

You are remembering the moon.

Nabila came and started talking

What is your problem ?! Then I called without hearing why he left.!

He wanted to leave again but Nabila stopped him. So he couldn't go again. What's the problem ?!

Why are you leaving without speaking?

Why were you treating me like that this morning! What happened?

Then I saw that he was talking to my girlfriend but now why aren't you talking!

I will give justice to your family even if you introduce yourself but do not say anything.

As soon as he started talking again, Murray, a pirate, was eating Nabila Char. He took the phone out of his pocket and left in front of her with his hand in his hand.

Goes in front of him. You can talk again, then kill another pirate. After eating the pirate, tears came to Nabila's eyes.


Then he hugged her and started crying (the silent rainbow didn't say anything) and kept telling me what to do. I was in this house that day so I couldn't meet him and couldn't say anything for fear.

Arman (Silent Rainbow) Don't forgive me! I promise I will never go anywhere without telling you.

There is no need to talk about who I am and why I am talking to you.

You know why I wanted to meet that day. I dreamed that I was dead. Later I saw that I was alive.

So I wanted to see you at a glance.

Then come here and see you in this house.

This time after my grandfather's house, I found out from my sister that you are his girlfriend.

This is why you are calling.!

Why do you treat me like that in the morning (arrogantly)


Nabila was not given a chance to say anything else. Then he kissed Nabila's forehead and hugged her

Nabila kept saying, "If you hurt me, you hurt yourself. What did you get out of it?

Look, you have made the cheek red. People kill in this way

--- Well done ..

I will kill my Nabila

I will caress again - no problem.!

Then Nabila put her head on his shoulder and said

No no problem.

Arrogant love begins again.

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