My Unfinished Love | Love Story

You are the best in an unfinished good home

Water is constantly dripping from my eyes. But it was not supposed to happen. It's good that I'm stale so it's normal for tears to come to my eyes.
The fear of losing him worked in me at every moment.
I have tried many times to explain it to him. But I did not see any feeling in him.
Even though she knew how much space she had in my life.
My favorite is she and everything she likes.

I don't eat until I know if he has eaten. I don't sleep until he's asleep. I talk to him all the time, but sometimes there are fights and the reason is my right to him. I have no right to it, that is the main reason for our quarrel.

Of course I can't help but talk. How can I be good stale that too.
He knows very well that my life may be gone for him.

I also try never to hurt him.
But he would have been happiest when he had all the likes
I would give consent to all his whims.

I am happiest when he does what I say, and tears well up in my eyes when he refuses.
He never saw it and never let it be seen.
Because he can't see anyone's suffering.
Although she doesn't like me on the bus but I like to see her happy.

Good stale him. He likes peacocks so I call him peacock. And he likes that too.
I am still trying to fulfill his dreams.
But to this day my good home remains incomplete.

It is better to die than to die every day. But I can't live without you. And I can't think of that.
I have tried many times to get away from you. But whenever I want to go on the path of death, my holy good home becomes an obstacle in my path.
I know suicide is a great sin, so I don't want to desecrate this holy good house by committing suicide

Even today he is very good. I want to live well until the last moment of life.

May everyone pray for the completion of my unfinished good home.
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